Returning: Please Like Me


Season 4 of Please Like Me begins in early November -for the first time as part of ABC’s Wednesday comedy line-up.

All cast members return this season along with , with special guest appearances from Wade Briggs (Geofrey), Gina Riley (Donna), Geof Morrell (Bruce) and Deborah Mailman, Tim Campbell, Jackson Gallagher and Mark Coles-Smith.

A few months after his Christmas trifle outburst, Josh is still juggling the frustrations and delights of his family and friends.

On an Enya-fuelled night out at a bar, Josh and Arnold pick up a hot guy, Kyle, and take him home for a threesome. But Arnold and Kyle only have eyes for one another and Josh, feeling left out, gatecrashes Tom and Ella’s room to wake them up to entertain him.

Josh visits Mum in the throes of a spring clean and she insists that she needs to throw out Josh’s childhood teddy bears. As Hannah, who still lives with Mum, watches on, Josh has to make a tough choice and confront another chapter of his youth coming to an end.

9:30pm Wednesday November 9 on ABC.

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