Shocking scenes leave Walking Dead fans reeling


Warning: Do Not Read this post until you have watched Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

“Welcome to a brand new beginning you sorry shits!”

Walking Dead fans love their gore, but little could have prepared them for today’s season premiere -surely one of the most gruesome hours of TV drama.

The sheer ruthlessness in which Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) bludgeoned not one -but two- key characters to death was unbelievably violent TV -only cable television can get away with such gore.

It brought an end to two much-loved characters, including a series original, with viewers spared none of their grisly demise or bodily parts.

But it didn’t end there. Negan continued the malice unabated with another terrifying scene for Rick and his team as their spirits are utterly broken and a new power takes control.

A “brand new beginning” or just twisted violence?

On social media fans were shocked by what unfolded.


  1. TWD has always had great character development and compelling storytelling however the last season was depressing and inconsistent in quality. Now the torture porn is just too much. How could anyone possibly enjoy seeing Glenn’s eye bulging from his face and Abraham’s bloody brain lying on the ground.

  2. I understand that this is a violent series and that people expect it to be violent.But is there any need for such graphic,sickening violence?It’s almost become torture porn now.Where is the entertainment in watching a psychopath bash people’s heads in with a baseball bat?

  3. Armchair Analyst

    I dont watch and have never watchedthe Walking Dead although i like the premise the title is pretty much self explanitory. IMO i couldnt understand what most of the negative and shocked comments were concerned about. This shows is about the much bigger picture which is demonstrated in a graphic and violant way. I have no problem with that. Infact we need more shows showing how real life is ie Violance, Sex, and other stuff that gets censored. As others have commented already TWD is about mans inhumanity towards man. Deal with it.

  4. “only cable television can get away with such gore”

    Yet, they cant broadcast the word “f***” – go figure.

    Also, loving reading the comments from people who will ‘quit’ watching the show. Its not a bubblegum Hollywood movie where everyone lives happy in the end, its a TV show based on a rather graphic and violent comic… SMH

  5. I’ve come to accept that this is what this planet would be like if the apocalypse happens;The world is in chaos now & it would be “dog eat dog” if it really happened & it is on the cards with psychopaths already running the world.

  6. Very clever piece of producing. They played the people who have read the comics and I love it. When Abraham didn’t get shot in the eye with the spear was like. Either Abraham or glen was going to survive. But killing them both off by negan. Really enhanced Negans character and made the scene have even more impact

  7. People who were put off by last night’s episode, I can understand, but the TV series is following the events and timeline of the comics a lot more closely than other adaptations. Except for the most obvious being that Rick still has 2 arms intact and it was not Negan who killed Abraham. My concern is that there are still 15 eps to go this season and 16 next year and they are catching up with the comics rather rapidly.Robert Kirkman has always said he knows how they will end, I hope he does not deviate from that ending.

  8. I’m done with the show. When showing off sickening graphic violence becomes more important than good storylines, the show has run its course. The show lost it’s way around Season 4 (when they spent most of the season walking and scavenging houses for cans) and has been in decline ever since. I used to enjoy TWD, now I just find it boring and depressing. I agree with dantho1987 – it’s just not entertaining anymore 🙁

  9. It was just awful. This season is just looking to be depressing and full of suffering and who wants to watch that. For the first time ever I have no interest in the next episode, I don’t want to see people grieve and be scared.

    • sorry totally disagree. Thought it was the most intense 46 mins of tv i have seen in a long time and i watch a lot of tv. As for depressing, apart from a zombie apocalypse, you do realize it is more about man’s inhumanity to man regardless of a bigger threat, as a species we just turn on each other, just because we can.

  10. It pains me to say it, because I love this show, but yesterday’s episode was just not good. It was so poorly structured – from making us wait until after the first commercial break to find out who it was that died after making us wait months already, to the weirdly placed black and white flashbacks when Rick was trying to get to the top of the RV and the even weirder shots of everyone getting bludgeoned by Lucille later on. And my biggest issue with the show now? It’s not fun anymore. In my opinion there is no entertainment value in what went to air yesterday. To me, the biggest sign of bad film-making is that the show made me feel nothing for the death of a character who has been around since the first episode. I’ll most likely keep watching, but it’s going to take a lot for me to start enjoying this show again.

  11. Damn you TWD writers! Two of my favourite characters gone! Just so angry and so sad! I never even considered the idea that Neegan would be the end of two in Rick’s group. I thought the writers would deviate away from the comic book storyline. I guess not.

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