1. A very healthy audience for the Socceroos, considering it was on a secondary channel. Definitely shows these games can rate. And it was live!
    If it was on Nine instead of 9Go! who knows what it would of rated.
    Can see Nine putting in a bid for the A-League when the rights come up for renewal. Although they have cricket, Saturday nights could be a great fit for them on their main channel, considering day/night one day games are on Fridays and Sundays.

  2. We were talking last night – how there’s no FTA news service at 10.30pm – we miss this. It was a great way to catch up on the days events…. even if they re-hash the days big stories – it would be cheap and we’d get our news grab [we’re getting family ready for dinner during 6pm news so miss it].

  3. I thought Cold Feet was brilliant. One of my all time favourite shows. When I hear a lack of choices it makes me realise how different we really are. I thought we were spoilt for choice last night. The soccer, Todd Sampson, Louis Theroux (again) New Modern Family and Insight.

  4. Re: Socceroos winning a healthy audience 350k viewers on a secondary FTA channel shows the growing attraction of big-time Aussie soccer to mainstreams TV networks – not just pay.

    • The same fixture in the 2014 WC qualifiers drew about 100k more on an hour delay. Yes, aware that SBS is a primary channel. But its a primary channel that Go also pulls more viewers than too…..

  5. Watched The block and the switched the TV off at 8.45 due to lack of anything interesting to watch. Went to bed and watched Greys Anatomy on Plus 7 on the ipad.

  6. Ended up watching block, good game & man up, man up was ok but felt too gimmicky to really tackle the issue, all in all it was an abysmal night on TV, flicking the EPG to see whats what for the evening was just depressing, absolutely nothing of interest to watch, upside I got to bed early

    • Secret Squïrrel

      I hesitate to say this on a TV blog but you don’t *have* to watch television. Surely there are other things to do rather than force your self to sit thru the least boring program that you can find?

      • kids asleep, tired, went to bed, 730-10pm is my downtime between work/kids/life etc, only other option would be to *gulp* talk, with my wife, *gulp*..that would never end well,

    • Ten do alright on Tuesday nights when they have a new episode of NCIS. I hope the ratings on Tuesday nights continue to decline to reinforce their silly decision not to air new episodes of NCIS. There have been 3 episodes aired in the US and Australian viewers are missing out.

  7. People would have tuned into Ten expecting Survivor and immediately tuned out… Life in Pieces didn’t rate before so why would it now! And was Modern Family new last night? Didn’t know so didn’t bother and the ratings show many others didn’t either.

  8. If Life in Pieces didn’t work the first time….why would to suddenly work again a second time? Come on TEN. Why did they stop the Tuesday ep of Aus Survivor? To make it ‘last’ longer? If anyone should be annoyed, it’s Todd Sampson. A brilliant non-reality TV show is let down by a rubbish lead-in.

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