Thursday numbers are down, down, down…

Ratings: Is Daylight Saving kicking in? Some shows were really struggling last night.


Some exceptions notwithstanding, Thursday was a particularly low night of viewing, suggesting that Daylight Saving may be starting to kick in.

Nine News was barely over 800,000 viewers whilst A Current Affair‘s 689,000, Hot Seat‘s 420,000, Bachelorette‘s 613,000 and a Make You LOL special at 497,000 were also low. And let’s not even start on the William Shatner Roast -231,000 was lower than last week’s Survivor (260,000) it replaced.

So onto more positive news, The Big Bang Theory, Gogglebox, Seven News and ABC News were amongst those with reason to smile.

Seven network won Thursday with 27.9% then Nine 27.1%, TEN 21.5%, ABC 16.7% and SBS 6.8%.

Seven News was #1 with 936,000 / 822,000 then Home and Away (623,000), The Chase (584,000 / 409,000), Make you LOL (497,000) and Movie: Captain America: The First Avenger (344,000).

The Big Bang Theory (854,000 / 693,000) led for Nine then Nine News (804,000 / 803,000), ACA (689,000), Better Late Than Never (539,000) and Hot Seat (420,000). The William Shatner Roast drew just 231,000. In its new later slot Survivor sank to just 68,000 -so much for gaining traction from TEN’s season.

The season final of Gogglebox (714,000) again outranked The Bachelorette (613,000). The Project was 526,000 / 364,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 378,000 and a Wrong Girl repeat was 265,000.

ABC News (716,000), 7:30 (574,000), Silvia’s Italian Table (421,000), National Treasure (377,000) and The Tunnel (244,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS Deep Water (231,000) was best in show. Favourite Foods: Are They Good For You? (187,000), SBS World News (138,000) and Death Row (81,000) followed.

7TWO’s Father Brown 233,000 topped multichannels.

Sunrise: 293,000
Today: 274,000
ABC News Breakfast: 90,000 / 46,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 13 October 2016

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  1. watched national treasure at 7:30 🙂 then gogglebox. Maybe its me but I often find more interesting programs over the summer break than during ratings.

  2. Despite what you have read below, it was actually a great night of TV. The final episode of Deep Water was very gripping television. Well done to SBS and all the actors and producers for this stunning production. Then watched Gogglebox later.

    1. Thank you. Relieved someone has sung out for the gems that were there. I gave DW top pick for a reason -I get that not everybody can drop in to episode 4 unannounced, but I also gave National Treasure 4.5 stars. And Gogglebox needs no introduction (but I accept not everybody’s cuppa tea).

      1. I also found Deep Water excellent and compelling viewing.
        A real shame that it appears to have been bypassed by the majority of viewers…I fear the same will happen with the doco on Sunday night.
        Have also been a big Googlebox fan from the very beginning
        I remember at the time, quite a few negative comments on this site saying it would never work.
        It’s clearly been a great success – looking forward to S3 next year.
        Have yet to see National Treasure – will definitely be catching up over the weekend as it sounds brilliant.

  3. In this day of modern technology who still puts up with the crap the commercial TV channels are pushing upon us. One hour shows turn into 1h and x-minutes, because we get more commercials squeezed in. Now they even started blocking a good part of the screen with cross promotion banners during the shows. I only watch ABC and SBS on my TV. All the rest is ‘catch-up’ via my laptop connected to TV. With ad-block I have no commercials, no annoying banners. OK, so I’m a day later than everybody else, but that’s a small price to pay for sanity.

          1. Sorry forgot to add.

            William Shatner doe not look 85 in that picture above ! and…

            I don’t mind on the Telstra TV how the catchup services have ads but say 1 min of ads , like 3 ads and then the show returns.

      1. Pretty sure Jesus isn’t a baby anymore…

        Besides, if the commercial networks want me to sit thru their stupid, repetitive ads they can damn well pay me for the download quota they use. AdBlock rules! It’s no different from skipping the ads on a PVR.

  4. I’m going to echo the sentiments of others and agree that the low viewing numbers are a result of lack of quality programming. I took one look at last night’s tv guide and decided to watch a DVD instead. Nothing worth watching.

    1. I took one look at last night’s tv guide and decided to watch two old recordings of Last Man Standing. And then watched a great Survivor US episode this morning (recorded from last night).

    2. Re William Shatner.
      He may have been younger in the pic above but were saying exactly the same thing upon seeing him in Better Late Than Never – he looks incredibly youthful for a man in his mid 80s.
      Looks more like a man in his mid to late 60s.
      Looks younger in fact than Henry Winkler or Terry Bradshaw.

  5. It’s not daylight saving, its programming – even with daylight saving its still dark by 8pm at the moment. If there’s something worth watching we’ll be in to watch it – but there isn’t. The LOL’s continue followed by movies, Nine show a Roast thing so old its not even in widescreen (- ridiculous in prime time -) making us wait till after 11 for something new like Survivor while Ten air the Wrong Girl again the day after it already aired – I haven’t even watched my recording of it yet from Wednesday night so the repeat is just one less option.

  6. For the second week in a row, I’m angry at Ten.
    They advertised Law&Order SVU, pretty sure they even had an ad saying SVU up next during Gogglebox. And for the 2nd week in a row, they aired that show with the blonde girl from Love Child.

    Instant switch off.

    If they do that next week when we are supposed to be having a new SVU, I will be screaming so loud you can hear from Antarctica.

  7. And yet on Wednesday nights they all schedule decent programs, all at the same time. What possesses them all to do this? Someone always misses out. Not everyone uses catch-up, although I do.

    Quote of the week from Margaret (the matriarch) in Upper Middle Bogan, when Channel 9 was mentioned – “Oh are they still going?”. Beautifully delivered by Robyn Nevin. My thoughts exactly.

      1. I agree, National Treasure was excellent … and Deep Water is lined up ready to go on catch-up for me., because, of course, it was on at the same time as NT. And all previous eps also clashed with something. And The Tunnel is humming along nicely as well.

  8. DLS is poss having an effect but the low ratings are more down to inconsistent and poor scheduling decisions, and content that mostly ranges from mediocre to awful. Networks only have themselves to blame with lazy programming consisting of bargain bin BS and last-minute insertions of repeats (and repeats of repeats) of shows that didn’t rate well the first time around.

    Why Nine thought that putting US Survivor late on the main channel was a better idea than a more reasonable slot on Go where it belongs is beyond me. But to compound that error by bumping it even later and replacing it with a one-off show from 2006 beggars belief.

    And they’ve gone with the Donald Trump Roast from 5 years ago for next week. Geniuses.

      1. The first episode of TBBT was a repeat of the previous seasons finale, the second was the new season premier episode. So it looks like more people watched the repeat.

  9. The FTA’s are a good advertisement for streaming providers. I know Thursdays are normally down on other nights but those line ups are abysmal. With such lacklustre programming, they’ve pretty much conceded they only worry about Sun-Wed.

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