Thursday under the magic million

Ratings: There were wins for Seven News, ACA, The Block and Gogglebox.

Gogglebox Australia-1

Seven won a quiet Thursday in which no show could crack the magic million.

Seven News, A Current Affair and The Block all won their timeslots.

By 8:30 Gogglebox took the lead ahead with 690,000 ahead of Nine’s new Better Late than Never (661,000), Make You LOL (626,000), what was surely the last ever episode of The Code (302,000) and the second Deep Water episode, down to 202,000.

The Bachelorette still isn’t resonating in the same way as predecessors but at least it topped two demos.

Seven won the night with 29.9% then Nine 25.2%, TEN 21.1%, ABC 16.6% and SBS 7.2%.

Seven News was #1 with 953,000 / 921,000 then Home and Away (667,000), Make You LOL (626,000), The Chase (584,000 / 372,000) and Movie: Angels & Demons (364,000).

Nine News (889,000 / 879,000) led for Nine then The Block (828,000), A Current Affair (732,000), Better Late than Never (661,000) and Hot Seat (445,000). Survivor  was 260,000 / 142,000.

Gogglebox (690,000) topped TEN’s night again. The Bachelorette was 588,000, The Project was 579,000 / 374,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 386,000 and a repeat of The Wrong Girl was 312,000.

ABC News (723,000), 7:30 (615,000), Silvia’s Italian Table (461,000), The Code (302,000), Pointless (233,000) and The Tunnel (224,000) made up ABC’s Thursday.

On SBS it was Michael Mosley: Eat Fast and Live Longer (223,000), Deep Water (202,000), Death Row (119,000) and SBS World News (113,000).

Hey Duggee topped multichannels with 270,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 6 October 2016.

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  1. Watched better late than never, absolutely hilarious, probably hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time. really good pacing and really enjoyable.

  2. Now that AFL is finally over, Seven should put Home and Away back on Friday at 7pm. Then they can build a bigger night on Thursday from 7:30pm, and also bring more viewers to Friday before Better Homes at a new time of 7:30pm.

    1. Apparently the game doesn’t start until after 7:30 anyway (or that is what I have been told). I do think the 4 nights a week has affected the ratings of H&A bt 7 don’t seem to care, as it is still rating okay even with the gradual decline. I often compare with ACA and ABC news and they are also much lower at times than they used to be. So I think part of H&A decline is due to declining TV viewers!

      1. If the game is played in melbourne on a friday night it starts at 7.50pm melbourne time. If the game is in adelaide or perth it can start later in melbourne and states that have the same time. Home and Away wasn’t removed from friday nights because of the afl. Home and away was removed from friday nights because 7 had no idea what to do with better homes and gardens, decided it was more important on friday nights than home and away and put it on at 7pm. This idea that its the afl’s fault that home and away is not on friday nights is wrong. Its the fault of better home and gardens and 7 thinking it was more important. 7 removing home and away from friday nights was one of the reasons I no longer watch it and its 7s loss cause I don’t miss it at all.

        1. If that was the logic behind it, then it makes perfect sense. BHG is a Friday night institution especially for people who don’t watch the footy, and it needs to stay there. Four nights a week is plenty for a teen-drama. Just don’t keep extending it past 7.30 on Thursday nights, that ruins any opportunity of ratings for the night.

          1. If h&a was suddenly reduced to a 4 episode a week filming I’m sure there would be many implications from that on many facets from backstage to advertising revenue to actors salaries etc.

  3. Deep Water is excellent. Really quite terrific in so many areas – though pushing the fiction side of real events gave it a strange feel at times – mostly thinking about the schizophrenic knife wielding man that was shot on Bondi beach, with the recognisable image of him being surround by five cops and eventually shot. The historical stuff was okay to fit to purpose as it fits with the broader theme of shining a light on a very dark piece of Sydney/Australian history for which no one has really been served justice.

    Scheduling a high end mini series one night after the other seems mad to me. I would have watched last night but never expected a local drama of this nature to be scheduled in such a misinformed way. I could see 2 nights a week being a reasonable idea on a higher volume series, but not this.

  4. I watched Wednesday nights ep of Deep Water on Catch-up yesterday, I’m not surprised it dropped so much from ep 1 to 2. The first half hour of the first episode was really slow. It’s an important story to tell, but I think it may have been better done as a period piece set in the 80s, rather than investigating it from the present day.

  5. How to kill a show, start a double episode at 9.40 pm and finish it at 11.40 pm…those numbers for Survivor are terrible. I assume it will quietly slip back to Go in coming weeks?

      1. I really like US Survivor but as usual ch 9 kill the show with stoopid times…even on GO you were lucky if it started before 9.30pm. I dunno why they bother buying it. I would like to rant about them, but I guess most of the expletives I would like to use would not be published. So enough said…grr..

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