Which other shows should Gogglebox review?


Ok we love Gogglebox, but we don’t need to see The Bachelor / ette and The Block every week.

As we know the show has an addiction to the Reality genre. Let me predict either Unreal Estate or I Own Australia’s Best Home will feature this week (probably the latter as it is a LifeStyle show).

There’s a swag of new Drama around. The Wrong Girl is the obvious first candidate, given it’s a TEN show.

I don’t recall seeing many shows outside of primetime either.

So to shake things up a little bit here are a few suggestions.

Plenty of opinions running back and forth for couch potatoes to get worked up over. It’s been covered once in 31 episodes.

Media Watch
Do they love / hate Paul Barry and his media takedowns? I have no idea.

US Presidential Debate
Come on, you have the Trump to go to town on! This segment will write itself.

Studio 10
Great little show that could benefit from a bit of primetime love.

The Secret Daughter
Trust me. Some gold punchlines ready for the making.

Deep Water: The Real Story
This will be one of those Gogglebox moments where people are amazed and horrified at history they never knew, and fight back tears. Tom and Wayne could make this personal.

60 Days In
This was feature a year ago, but S2 is now on air.

The Bolt Report
So what does Australia really think?

The Daily Edition
See above.

If You Are The One

Seriously? Why has China’s crazy dating show never been included?

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Refer: Studio 10.

So I can understand it.

Stranger Things
There’s this thing called Netflix see…

So what other shows should they review and why (and no need to suggest Gogglebox itself. Way ahead of you).


  1. carolemorrissey

    I’d like to see less reality & more drama shows. Would love them to watch the Shonda Rhimes shows like Scandal & How to get away with murder. I was surprised with what they thought of Doctor Doctor, they said it was boring, I think it’s a great show. And more Survivor, they’ve only done it once & it’s a ch 10 show.

  2. I know the show is cancelled but I would love it if they got them to watch an episode of Hannibal, just for the shock value and confusion. There is also a documentary series called Extreme Worlds, and there was an episode where they are interviewing a person who kidnaps and sells kids for prostitution. That interview had me throwing things at the TV, I’d be interested to see how they react.

  3. Guess this is as much a wishlist for what you want to see more of on Aussie TV, not just on Gogglebox. Surprised they didn’t cover the US debate though (the UK version did) but timing may have been an issue with it premiering on Wednesday and the debate taking place I think Tuesday morning Aussie time – I suspect filming for the weeks episode may have been done by then.

  4. After all the work to get Rupaul’s Drag Race fast tracked I can’t believe they haven’t done it!
    Also some ridiculous kid shows, like for example they show so much Spongebob Squarepants on Foxtel that would be pretty funny

  5. Mystery Diners on SBS Food. Hypnotically, addictively awful. Also, have they done Hell’s Kitchen, if they are so set on reality? Surely Ramsay is second only to Trump for opinion generation.

  6. I agree with The Bolt Report suggestion, or any of those Sky panel shows. Also think it is so obvious to cover the US debates. There’s one a week for the next few weeks so plenty of opportunities!

  7. they watch some of season one of 60 days, it;s all about prime time when most people are at home watching TV. I’d assume most of the cast are at work or study during the day.

    I’d also imagine if members of the cast aren’t interested in a show then they probably don’t watch that.

  8. I’m pretty sure Gogglebox has reviewed Judge Judy (once) & ACA (4-5 times) before.

    We’ve seen Gogglebox on Media Watch before, how about the other way round?! 🙂

    Gogglebox on Gogglebox? Save that for the final ever episode (or an outtake) please.

    Somehow, I’d be very surprised if The Wrong Girl isn’t reviewed next week.

    My personal suggestions of “quality programing” worthy of a Gogglebox grilling include The NRL Footy Show (perhaps even dodgier than the AFL version!), one or both of the big two breakfast programs (what do the households think of Kochie & Sam and/or Karl & Lisa?) and perhaps one of the late night infomercials! 😛

  9. Reality shows lend themselves more to entertaining comments. Each time they’ve reviewed a drama the majority of the Goggleboxers have been bored senseless.

    They have done several eps of Q&A.

  10. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
    Mr Robot
    Rick & Morty
    It’s Always Sunny in Philly
    ….and would be interesting to see them watch Westworld

  11. Neighbours to remind viewers that’s it’s still onair over on Eleven.

    Has The Checkout ever featured (finished for the year sadly)? Segments would create plenty of talking points

  12. Netflix – Grace & Frankie (another talking point on national TV regarding the gay rights movement)
    Stan – UnReal (the comments on its contrast to The Bachelor would be hilarious), No Activity and Wold Creek (critically acclaimed Aussie scripted content)
    SBS – Masters of Sex (S4 should be starting shortly)

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