X Factor down for first Live show

Ratings: The Block remains on top of the ratings heap while Survivor improves for TEN.


The X Factor has dropped in its first Live show for 2016, averaging 752,000 viewers -its lowest figure for the series thus far.

It was down from last Sunday’s 815,000 and well down on 2015’s first Live show of 1.01m. It also trailed the competition in the Demos, but it did help to lift Seven’s overall share compared to last Sunday.

The Block proved to be again unassailable at 1.19m although that was down on last week’s 1.28m, but it still topped the demos and helped Nine to take the night.

Australian Survivor improved on last week’s 660,00 to 714,000 but fans weren’t happy with the outcome of the Tribal Council.

ABC News was strong at 785,000.

Nine network won with 32.6% then Seven 28.6%, TEN 17.4%, ABC 15.6% and SBS 5.8%.

The Block was #1 with 1.19m for Nine then Nine News (1.04m), 60 Minutes (842,000) and Events that Changed the Nineties (460,000).

Seven News (1.04m) was best for Seven then The X Factor (752,000) and Movie: Pitch Perfect (341,000).

Australian Survivor (714,000) led for TEN. Modern Family was 399,000 / 255,000. Supercars Championship: Gold Coast 600 drew 385,000 for the Race, and Montreal Comedy Gala was 348,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 218,000 in 3 cities.

ABC News (785,000) was best for ABC. Grand Designs House of the Year (674,000) and Poldark (482,000) followed. Wolf Hall was 258,000 and Compass was 243,000.

On SBS it was The Great Human Odyssey (243,000), SBS World News (186,000), Being Evel (116,000) and Nazi Megastructures (93,000).

ELEVEN’s Jack Reacher movie topped multichannels with 271,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 23 October 2016

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    1. They broke these types of shows when they made them more about the judges than the contestants. Why eliminate contestants based on what judge’s team they are in, when there are clearly inferior singers on other teams that should be eliminated first. Not too mention that the ridiculous fees they pay these ‘internationally famous’ judges makes it incredibly difficult for the show’s to be profitable.

  1. My guess is that 7 knew that xfactor would only pull 1million or less viewers this year so cut its budget back. Good move I say, otherwise they would of axed it. With the whole digital revolution still taking place, cheaper productions will become the norm.

  2. X Factor – i’m just not feeling it this year, it looks like the cheap and nasty version of the Price is Right they wheeled out years ago… is the studio smaller? Something just seems off, the vibe isn’t there like previously

  3. Yes, many Survivor fans understandably annoyed at last night’s Tribal Council outcome.
    So frustrating!!
    Kristie and Flick have literally handed the half a million to Lee and Elle on a golden platter.
    What were they thinking??
    They have had so many chances to get rid of one or both of “the power couple” and blown every one of them.
    Thought Kristie was smarter than that but seems led along by Lee like a infatuated little schoolgirl.
    Found his treatment of her last night incredibly patronising and quite bullying-not quite the nice guy he tries so hard to make out he is…

    1. Don’t fret Angela! Tonight Flick will…err get the flick and tomorrow your star will win the final immunity and take Lee with her to the final. There she will get the majority of the votes with only El and maybe one more voting for Lee…

      1. Hmmm…Kristie is certainly no star of mine.
        Think you give her more credit than she deserves.
        But we shall see tonight, I guess…
        Not a fan of any of the four left but if I had to choose, I would pick Flick.

    2. This fan was very happy with the result of TC. Finally eliminated the most clueless contestant, who couldn’t see the truth when it was drawn in the sand for him.

      I understand that some fans would have liked El to be eliminated, but it was Flick’s fault she wasn’t, and El’s credit that she turned the vote around.

  4. I watched the X Factors last four acts after Survivor finished and I quite enjoyed it!! Iggy Azalea was better than I was expecting as she stopped arguing with Guy Sebastian on every point and the performance from Natalie Ong and that girl group Aya were solid.

    Wouldn’t care if it got axed though, I feel like I’ve finally got singing show fatigue after watching a lot of seasons of them since Australian Idol in 2004

  5. Except for Beatz all of Mel B’s underdogs were woeful. If you’ve got a pool of singers to choose from why would you pick someone who lost their voice and a guy with zero confidence? The girl who finished the show must be the unbackable favourite at this point.

    1. You don’t pick someone who loses their voice. You pick someone weeks earlier from your home overseas then you arrive a few days before to discover they have lost their voice this week. That’s showbiz, it happens to the best of them. Adam’s is the toughest category to pick an elimination.

  6. Granted I only watched about 4 acts on the X factor last night but it felt like the staging of the performances were very basic compared to previous years. Think back to Dami Im’s first live performance when she was lowered onto the stage playing a flying piano. It kinda felt like the Cut price version of X Factor last night. I’d be interested to know if their budget is significantly less than last year.

  7. 2 hours 40 minutes was just too long for the X Factor to run last night, 12 acts performing for 2:30 each is 30 minutes of actual music performances, the rest is chatter, ads and back stories. I’m sure the timeshift numbers will be high for it consequently.

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