2.1m watch The Block winner announced


The Block auction was always going to dominate viewing last night, it was just a question of how big it would grow.

In the end it was very big drawing 2.1m viewers for the moment Karlie & Will were announced as winners and an average of 1.71m viewers for the bulk of the show.

The biggest audience was in Melbourne were 797,000 watched the Winner Announced followed by 533,000 in Sydney.

It proved to be bigger than 1.81m / 1.58m who watched last year’s finale for “The Blocktagon” in South Yarra. It also eclipses MasterChef (1.88m / 1.71m) and claims the title of top non-sports show of the year.

The show’s nearest rival, Sunday Night, was less than half the audience with 770,000.

It was a bumper night for Nine with a controversial 60 Minutes episode drawing its biggest audience of the year at 1.33m viewers.

A later X Factor had to settle for just 559,000 while TEN was unable to hit 500,000 last night.

Nine network easily won with 39.6% then Seven 26.0%, ABC 14.7%, TEN 14.1% and SBS 5.6%.

Elsewhere last night Nine News was 1.01m and Murder in Melbourne was 563,000.

Seven News (1.01m) led for Seven then Sunday Night (770,000) and The X Factor 559,000.

ABC News (790,000), Grand Designs (660,000), Poldark (466,000) and Jamaica Inn (237,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Movie: Taken 3 (432,000) was best for TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 405,000, Modern Family was 341,000 / 299,000 while an All Star Family Feud repeat failed at 293,000.

On SBS it was The Mystery of the Roman Skulls (225,000), SBS World News (193,000), Nazi Megastructures (127,000) and The Hollow Crown (88,000).

7mate’s movie Thor: The Dark World topped multichannels with 234,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 13 November 2016


  1. At the end of the block thought having the song we could be heroes in the background was a poor choice. These people went on a reality show to for a financial gain. They are not heroes.

  2. harrypotter1994

    Will be funny if The X Factor does get axed this year because then both Australian Idol and X Factor (excluding 10’s season) will end on seven seasons. #7yearitch

  3. Congrats to Will and Carly on their substantial win.
    Theirs and the girls’ were far and away the best two apartments and the auction results reflected this.
    Didn’t like either of these two couples but it wasn’t a popularity contest.
    Some particularly entitled, unpleasant contestants this year, especially Sascha/Julia and Dan/Carlene.
    But of course, very good for ratings.
    But good to see everyone do so well on Auction Day – some contestants put up with a lot and worked very hard for it…

  4. Interesting Scotty announcing how much they have given away over the years. I would like to know how much they have made over the years as well? As far as I know we never heard how much they made from the extra apartment last year? I’m going to miss the boys antics. They were great !

  5. I believe a new production company packaged this series of the Block.

    Very noticeable with last night’s auction episode. Less padding, more relaxed editing, and a fun vibe. Loved when they followed popular buyers advocate Frank around 🙂

    Overall the series did cover the dramas but they weren’t so manufactured this year.

  6. Agree with previous comment that X Factor is dead in the water for next year and when you think only a fraction of those 559,000 will probably vote this and next week, the numbers are even more alarming for the popularity of the remaining performers and does not bode well for whoever wins

  7. can we just declare X factor dead & move on, oh & big round of applause to both 7 & 9 for non stop 2017 plugging, cant stand the shows already & its only November, if I have to sit through 1 more MKR or MAFS promo I’m going to seriously lose my…composure…

      • LOL @ lose my composure. This is already the third time I have commented about advertising these shows this early. I only see the first 1/2 second and fast forward and just try to calm my self down as there is nothing we can do to change it and vote with the remote. Sadly others will check it out because they ‘like’ the shows.

    • Agree with the MRK promos… now they are using the singles/dating angle to sell the show this year as apposed to the “super bitch” angle from last year. No wonder I stopped watching 2 years back. It’s more akin Home & Away these days than a cooking show.

  8. I am not sure how they could separate the Winner Announced, when the result was clear at the end of the 5th Auction.
    I managed to start watching at 8pm and finished on time at 8:53, skipping all the padding and fluff.
    Would like them to Auction off the 6th Apartment and announce that result too. Do all proceeds go to charity?

      • Thanks David, I didn’t think they would have adhered to the 15 minute rule. A good result, but the ratings process needs an overhaul and stricter regulation, for maintenance of ethical standards and an accurate reflection of results for comparison.

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