Airdate: Carols in the Domain 2016


Sunrise presenters David Koch, Samantha Armytage, Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta will return to host Carols in the Domain which will air for the first time on a Sunday night next month.

Acts appearing this year include Jessica Mauboy, Dami Im, Leo Sayer, Shannon Noll, Todd McKenney, Ky Baldwin, Mark Vincent, Jay Laga’aia, The McClymonts, Doug Parkinson, Georgie Parker, John Paul Young, and Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

Carols in the Domain is now in its 34th year at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

8.30pm Sunday December 18 on Seven.


  1. Very silly move to relocate Carols in the Domain to a Sunday night, especially as NSW will be finishing their school year two days later, opposed to finishing the day before Domain carols as it was in past years.

    Families will only hang around until Santa arrives, especially if they travel from Sydney’s western suburbs, to avoid a traffic/PT jam at 11pm, and to make sure kids are up for school.

    Agree with Graham: starting the Domain Carols at 7pm on the dot (like Nine have done with theBNE Carols (taped a week ahead of airing) for the last few years), then airing a Christmas movie out of them (what Xmas flicks does 7 have access to?) is a better option for making a Sunday event work, and would allow people to be home earlier on a school night.

  2. Agree with Elizabeth H (and others previously) – this is a crazy timeslot if Seven are after a genuinely decent audience… it won’t really get going until probably nearer 8.45pm, and by then a decent slice of the family viewers will be in bed or making tracks… straight out of the news running 7pm to 9pm screams out as the right slot if it had to be shown on this date.

  3. And clearly not in a children friendly time slot. Plus Victorian schools last day of the school year is the 20th December so these children will be fast asleep.

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