Airdate: David Attenborough’s Wild Singapore


Now David Attenborough is coming to SBS with David Attenborough’s Wild Singapore staring this Friday night.

The 3 part series looks at Singapore’s different habitats: from the urban sprawl to the island’s hidden wildlife hotspots.

From the overlooked interior to the inaccessible coastline and islands that have become unplanned sanctuaries for Singapore’s natural heritage, David Attenborough paints a beautifully detailed portrait of Singapore’s surprisingly diverse flora and fauna.

Episode One: Hidden Wild
Explore Singapore’s hidden wilderness – overlooked areas of the island that are home to an astonishing variety of fascinating creatures. From thriving wetlands, empty buildings and sleepy islands, these are the secret treasures of the island’s wild. Joining a family of local otters in Sungei Buloh, we’ll meet a variety of strange and compelling sights, like the base- jumping Colugo, romantic Fiddler Crabs and Singapore’s oldest predators – the Crocodiles.

Friday, 18 November at 7.35pm on SBS.

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