Airdate: Rick Stein: From Venice To Istanbul

Chef Rick Stein travels through Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece and Turkey in ABC food series.


Food series Rick Stein: From Venice To Istanbul begins next week on ABC.

Chef Rick Stein travels through Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece and Turkey for the new seven-part series.

Exploring the culinary legacy of the legendary Byzantine Empire, Rick uncovers its little-known history and cuisine, and relishes the food that many people associate with holidays in the eastern Mediterranean and the Adriatic – healthy, light, tasty dishes that go so well with sunshine, remote islands, chilled wine and clear, aquamarine seas.

Rick’s culinary odyssey begins in Venice, a place that played a major role at both ends of Byzantine history and his travels twist and turn past the shorelines of the Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean seas. Continuing through the stunning mountains of Croatia, Albania and Greece, down to the Peloponnese, and through western Turkey, he concludes his journey in Istanbul, formerly known as the city of Byzantium and gateway to the flavours of the Middle East. Along the way he visits local markets, cafés, restaurant kitchens and people’s homes to show how their evocative dishes have developed over thousands of years.

Episode One:
Rick Stein embarks on a new gastronomic road trip from Venice to Istanbul through the countries of the former Byzantine Empire – a melting pot of East and West. His journey begins in the magnificent city of Venice and on the idyllic Greek island of Symi where he cooks some of his favourite Venetian dishes: Seafood Risotto, Tiramisu and Gnocchi with Spider Crab.

Tuesday, November 22 at 8pm on ABC.

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