American Gigolo, the series.

More movies getting small screen adaptations.


Showtime is developing a TV series based on the 1980 Richard Gere film, American Gigolo (not to be confused with Hung!).

To be set in present day Los Angeles, playwright Neil LaBute (In the Company of Men, Strange Fruit, The Shape of Things) is attached to write the show from Paramount TV and Jerry Bruckheimer Television -which has been working on the project for about 2 years.

Paul Schrader, who wrote and directed the original film, is on board as an executive consultant.

If it is developed to series American Gigolo would be headed to Stan in Australia, which has a pricey deal with Showtime.

US studios have recently developed TV versions of feature films Sneakers and Enemy of the State.

Source: Variety

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  1. Who knows if this idea will succeed, but the question posed should be; are there are any original screenplays out there to be developed into a preferably limited season show. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that idea as American producers struggle to see past shows which do not have 3 or more seasons in the can but limited season shows have the potential to provide more depth of character like season one of True Detective, which unfortunately failed with a lacklustre cast and no originality in season 2.

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