Cleverman writer wins John Hinde Award for Science Fiction

screenwriter Michael Miller has won the $10,000 Australian Writers’ Guild’s 2016 John Hinde Award for Science Fiction.

Miller won Australia’s richest sci-fi sceenwriting prize for penning Episode Five of the series.

The AWG judges said Cleverman won the award for its intelligent and meticulous worldbuilding,
fearless foregrounding of science-fictional elements and its creative exploration of current social

“It’s exciting to think that Cleverman is one of several sci-fi-inspired shows on television at present,” he said.

“Science-fiction is clearly alive and well at the moment and awards like this help to keep the
dream alive. So again thanks to John Hinde for his vision in supporting and celebrating sci-fi in
this country.”

AWG Board Member Shayne Armstrong added, “Cleverman poses big questions about humanity
through the prism of future or alternative worlds – which is a hallmark of almost all truly
excellent science-fiction writing.”

The annual AWG John Hinde Award, which was first presented in 2008, is funded by a bequest from the
late, iconic film critic, John Hinde.

A prize for an unproduced script was awarded to Graeme Burfoot for his screenplay, Red to Blue.

Vicki Madden’s The Kettering Incident was highly commended in the produced category while Michael Kratochvil’s The Paradise Syndrome was highly commended in unproduced.


  1. What was the competition for it? As a longtime sci fi fan from the 1960s on, I was deeply let down by the series (and I was not alone in that). The writing was derivative and used every cliché in the ‘How To Write A Sci Fi Script; book IMHO.

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