Doctor Doctor almost double The Wrong Girl

Ratings: Without a strong lead-in The Wrong Girl is struggling against Nine's new drama hit.


With an impressive 819,000 viewers last night Doctor Doctor was almost twice the audience of TEN’s The Wrong Girl, which struggled on 415,000.

While’s Nine’s drama rose on its 777,000 audience of last week, TEN’s went backwards, down from 501,000, landing fourth in its slot. But it had a flat lead-in from Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics with just 400,000.

Nine had a strong night with The Block topping the night at 1.03m viewers, well ahead of Highway Patrol, Beach Cops, 7:30, Hard Quiz and Jamie Oliver.

Both Hard Quiz and Upper Middle Bogan lifted for ABC but Rosehaven slipped backwards. Elsewhere, Seven News and A Current Affair were timeslot winners.

Nine network won with 29.9% then Seven 27.9%, TEN 17.4%, ABC 17.3% and SBS 7.6%.

The Block was #1 with 1.03m viewers for Nine then Nine News (927,000 / 909,000), Doctor Doctor (819,000), A Current Affair (818,000) and Hot Seat (517,000). Brett: A Life with No Arms was 253,000.

Seven News (971,000 / 942,000) led for Seven followed by Highway Patrol (742,000), Beach Cops (731,000 / 700,000), Home and Away (694,000), The Chase (605,000 / 400,000), Ramsay’s Hotel Hell (432,000).  The Big Bang Theory was 270,000 / 225,000.

The Project (586,000 / 376,000) was best for TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 426,000, The Wrong Girl was 415,000,  Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics was 400,000 and Madam Secretary was 223,000.

ABC News (763,000), 7:30 (626,000), Hard Quiz (556,000), Upper Middle Bogan (482,000), Rosehaven (456,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (302,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Tutankhamun (312,000), India: Nature’s Wonderland (228,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (219,000) and SBS World News (135,000).

ABC2’s Octonauts was brightest on multichannels with 271,000.

Sunrise: 315,000
Today: 291,000
ABC News Breakfast: 115,000 / 55,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 2 November 2016

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  1. Enjoy “Doctor Doctor” very much but I would like to see more nurses on the show. There are two doctors, two admin staff and only one nurse. Last week’s theatre scene with Hugh operating with one nurse is a perfect example where at two least nurses would be present. The show is seeing too much of Aoife e.g.on the ward, out in the plane and then in the theatre. A older nurse who has always lived in the town would mix it up as most country hospitals run with older nurses who have lived in the community most of their lives(only left the town to their training and then return after marrying a local).

  2. Really sad about the Wrong Girl, it’s really relatable. Doctor Doctor is fun but overall i think the wrong girl is a better written show. I watch both, but largely prefer Wrong Girl. It reminds me of Bridget Jones.

  3. I too am enjoying Doctor, Doctor, The Wrong Girl and Rosehaven. It’s such a pity they are all on Wednesday night. Sucks having to record three shows at the same time. If Doctor, Doctor swapped timeslots with Hyde and Seek, maybe the wrong Girl would have get more veiweres.

  4. Just thought I’d let you know David you have quoted the overnight figure for Doctor Doctor from last week in this article. It’s adjusted/actual figure from last week was 693,000 which was a massive 84,000 drop. Seems to be happening a lot with Nine’s 8.30pm shows lately.

      1. Good point. I will be interested to see what the final number is for Doctor Doctor this week though given the last few weeks there have been unusually high discrepancies in its overnight and actual numbers.

  5. I am enjoying The Wrong Girl. It is so believable to me. Just feel networks put these shows on late time slots which clash with other activities. Give 7.30pm a try and stick to it.

  6. Really enjoying Rosehaven and The Wrong Girl. I agree with a few people here that Jamie is just not good for ratings, maybe it should be on Eleven. I also watch Doctor Doctor on PVR which I also enjoy. Again the networks are not helping local productions by pitting them against each other. I find that even I like Rosehaven, Luke is a bit hard to understand at times, whilst Celia is a gem. TEN should have had a gap between Batch and the female version. Again Survivor was on maybe a bit too many nights but, hey we are all good TV programmers, that is why we are not in the job.

  7. Channel 10 is so out of touch. It’s still pitching to a ‘young’ demo. They still don’t realise ‘young’ people don’t watch FTA, yet persist in making shows that would appeal to them. The Wrong girl isn’t sophisticated enough to grab discerning, older eyeballs that are mainly watching FTA.

  8. Shame about Wrong Girl’s ratings. Very much enjoying it. Another drama with average ratings for the network. Not many eyeballs on ten at the moment. If Survivor was not added to Tuesday it would still be on air. Tens weekend programming is even worse. They need to bring back local news on weekends and buy the additional AFL game from Foxtel….to try and get number ups and more eyeballs watching.

  9. I’m really enjoying The Wrong Girl.
    But as it clashes with Doctor Doctor, I usually timeshift it and watch later.
    They are both good shows .
    Thursdays or Tuesdays at the same time would have been a better timeslot for it.
    Can’t understand why Secret Daughter is thrashing it in the ratings as TWG is a far superior show.

    1. Wrong Girl started well and is a pretty lame shadow of its first episode now. It is very unlikely, regardless of whatever lead in, that it will regain strong enough number for Ten to ever turn a profit during that hour.

      TSD is on Seven.

  10. I’m pleased that Doctor Doctor is doing well. It’s really good & getting better as it goes along.
    Perhaps the producers of Wrong Girl should have kept the script closer to the book. It’s all bread & circuses without much substance.

    1. I was quite surprised how much they ventured away from the book but I don’t mind some of the changes. I like Lily’s brothers character and he didn’t exist in the book. I found it hard to watch in the beginning because I kept comparing it to the book and it was so different. I heard an episode of the tv club abc podcast where they had someone who worked on the show and he said they really used the book as a guide for the first episode and then went their own way from there. So after listening to that I tried to forget about the book and take the show for what it is. Its not so easy at times but it does improve viewing.

  11. Hard Quiz is excellently awkward TV. The guests are giving as good as they get. Lol at Allan last night. Also the doctor answering a question with a more “low brow” answer as she thought the show was in that vein… and Tom saying she was wrong, snapping that he was glad she got it wrong cos she thought his show wasn’t “high brow”. Hilarious.

  12. Loving UMB & Rosehaven, I can understand why the viewers are slipping though, good show, good premise but I just feel the lead male is better suited to a cameo style role, like in Utopia, the nervous overly passive bit does wear quickly, lead female is fantastic in contrast (apologies cannot for life of me remember names…)

    1. I can’t understand a word the main guy in Rosehaven says so I put on the subtitles. (There was actually a joke about his pronunciation on the show last week). He talks so fast my mum can’t even use the subtitles. They should put him in the next series of The Code to make it even more incomprehensible.

      1. Ha! Yeah, Luke is a bit hard to understand.
        But loving Rosehaven – such an understated , quirky little show. Also love the opening music – does anyone here know who composed it?
        Also enjoying Hard Chat – wasn’t keen on it at first but has really grown on me.
        Yes, Alan was hilarious last night.

      2. I love Rosehaven, but have the opposite problem with Daniel. He seems to draaaaw out his words all the time, and it gets a bit annoying. I’d like him to speak faster so that he can’t prolong the individual words.

        Emma is a hoot. She would drive me mad in real life, but so funny.

      1. They seem to have weeks at a time between their key reality shows starting and ending. Earlier in the year, it was the same with the gap between I’m A Celebrity and Masterchef. You would think they could plan it better.

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