1. Somehow Jamie just isn’t quite working this time. His style and vocabulary get very repetitive after more than one episode, and I am finding that his recipes feel wintery and too heavy for this time of year. And he uses a lot of ingredients which might be common in the UK, but are weird here.

  2. TEN is still running summer filler programming a few weeks early! Seven made a good tactical move it seems in rushing First Dates forward to boost its demo performance.

    • Yeah, I think TEN were left with no ideas after Aus Survivor finished early, with 3 instead of 2 eps a week. Killing time until the BBL, but still more than a month to go. I think at the upfronts they mentioned having local content at 7.30 for the whole ratings period, so to avoid the ‘filler’ programs (like now) and the gaps between key shows starting and ending, like I’m A Celeb and Masterchef.

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