Home and Away events on Foxtel Play, Presto.


Summer bay fans will be getting two Home and Away specials, on Foxtel Play and Presto in December and January.

Home and Away: Revenge and Home and Away: All or Nothing follow on from the success of Home and Away: Eye for an Eye, commissioned for Presto, a year ago. It resulted in a hefty traffic spike for Presto, screening airing after annual series cliffhanger.

Both were produced by Seven for Presto, the joint Seven / Foxtel streaming service. With Presto closing down at the end of January, both will appear on Foxtel Play and Presto -as well as Foxtel On Demand.

Home and Away: Revenge will be available on Monday December 19 from 8.30pm while Home and Away: All or Nothing will commence streaming on Australia Day Thursday January 26, 2017 on both platforms.

Both specials will feature Dan Ewing and Lisa Gormley who reprise their roles as Heath and Bianca Braxton.

In “All or Nothing”, Nic Westaway (Kyle Braxton) and Samantha Jade (Isla Schultz) will also return alongside series regulars, Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts), Kyle Pryor (Nate Cooper) and George Mason (Martin Ashford).

There are no plans for them to screen on Seven.


  1. Mr game show fan

    I am not a fan of Home and Away but I feel if Home and Away’s TV ratings fall enough to warrant a change in where to put it, they would use Foxtel play as the new exclusive home of Home and Away. They would not move it to 7Two.

  2. carolemorrissey

    Seriously I wish they wouldn’t do that. Not all us us loyal viewers can watch stuff on presto. Ch 7 should air it after it’s aired on presto.

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