Last ever Mythbusters episode

Sunday sees the end of 15 seasons featuring Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage.


The last ever episodes of Mythbusters will air in Australia on Sunday night on SBS 2.

This brings an end to 15 seasons featuring Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage.

In a double episode conclusion, The Season Finale will screen at 8:30pm followed by The Reunion at 9:30pm.

These eps aired in the US in March.

“The Season Finale”
Since 2002, Adam and Jamie have used science to separate fact from fiction in spectacular style! But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and MythBusters is no exception. Luckily, the guys are going out with a bang and then some as they’ve put together the most epic grand finale in television history: an RV gets blown to kingdom come, Buster goes supersonic, Adam takes the most wild ride imaginable and then it all boils down to a Cement Truck with 5000 pounds of ANFO as the MythBuster sign off in style!

“The Reunion”
For this final hour of the television icon that is Mythbusters, the five hosts are reunited for one last hurrah! Deep within M5, Adam, Jamie, Kari, Tory and Grant join forces once more to together peel back the curtain as never before to give a suitably epic, enlightening and emotional finale to ghe best science show on television.

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    1. SBS has shown the entire last season on SBS2 Sunday’s at 8.30pm. From memory, they opened with a double episode then reverted back to single episodes until this week having a double for the finale. Personally, the duct tape episode was my favourite, they must have shares in it by now!

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