Lisa Wilkinson angry over ‘media lies’ on Karl

Lisa Wilkinson comes to the defence of her co-host, who has faced ongoing media scrutiny in his personal life.


Today‘s Lisa Wilkinson has taken aim at women’s magazines and online sites over their reportage of the marriage breakdown of Karl Stefanovic and wife Cassie Thorburn.

Asked by Mamma Mia founder Mia Freedman, how her her co-host was faring, she replied, “He’s good.

“There’s a lot of rubbish out there at the moment, a lot of lies.

“It’s been really interesting looking at weekly women’s magazines and seeing the way they operate in 2016.

“And seeing some of the online sites and seeing some of the lies they are happy to write,” she said.

“I am disgusted with some sections of the media at the moment.

“And some of the comments section -the fact that they have no moderators at all, and the complete -well, again- lies that are published without any regard to the fact that there’s human beings involved here, and there’s children involved.

“And my disgust, my growing disgust, for the people in charge of those magazines and those websites, right now makes me so angry,” she said.

Nine News boss Darren Wick recently confirmed Stefanovic would be taking a month off over summer to address personal issues.

Wilkinson, who in 2013 delivered the Andrew Olle Media Lecture criticised the treatment of women in the media, is a former editor of Cleo and Dolly magazines.

“My anger knows no bounds,” she added, “and I feel very protective.”

Via: News Corp

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  1. There is a fakeness that runs through the entire hosting panel of the Today show. It all feels forced along with Lisa’s concerns and objections here. She and Karl should just continue with the gossip sections they advocate on a daily basis and accept the flack Karl recieves as a bit of give and take.

  2. I very much like Lisa Wilkinson and think hosting Today is well beneath her. However, when her program stops covering celebrity breakups as part of their ‘entertainment’ segments, her fury may well seem somewhat more credible.

  3. Lisa Wilkinson can take several seats. She’s part of a television show that does this on a daily basis to numerous celebrities / public figures and often to a worst degree than what Karl is copping.

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