Movie quiz show for Rove?

Let's hit the pause button on a talk-show revival, with more speculation on Rove's plans with Nine.


Early reports suggesting Rove McManus would be reviving his talk show may have been a little wide of the mark….

The budget required for a fully-fledged “Tonight” show is an ill-fit with the potential numbers a late-night slot can deliver, but Rove McManus is nevertheless understood to be in development on a project for Nine.

According to showbiz reporter Peter Ford, the more likely outcome is a Movie Quiz with a celebrity panel.

That probably fits better with a pre-record schedule too, allowing him to continue his 6am Rove and Sam show on 2DayFM.

Nine isn’t alone in pursuing plans for late night content with Seven also rumoured to be in development on a new project.

This year is trialled the NZ based clip show Best Bits but it proved to be short-lived.

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  1. A weekly quiz panel show with celebs? Wow they r really breaking the mould with that 1! I personally don’t mind rove he is nostalgic for me! However that movie qioz with celebs idea is crap! It may rate but it’s still crap! A chat show even 1 a week in prime time should be best! We haven’t had that for a while atleast a successful 1 anyway!

  2. Whatever it is Rove won’t connect with Australia anymore, his time is done & dusted the ratings won’t be as good- as his stints overseas Nine will realise later this was a bad choice. He is not funny / annoying is the right phrase & his personality is always acting for the cameras, I’m sure he has other great values etc but please no Rove?

  3. The US is a bad comparison. We have a population of 24 million, the US have a population in excess of 300 million.

    I’d like to see a chat/variety show akin to what Rove used to do, but I don’t think it needs to be late night. I’d even say let’s run with a chat show twice weekly Tuesday and Thursday nights 8.30/9pm depending on reality overruns and it gives a good platform to cross promote and help fill a schedule.

    TEN in particular could do with that sort of schedule given how difficult they find it to fill a primetime schedule for 40 weeks a year.

  4. Regardless if Rove is returning to a late night talk show or not I wish one of the commercial networks in this country of ours would produce one. Look at the success America has with their late night talk shows. I’d be happy with a program starting at 11pm and give the host the freedom to speak their mind and have some fun. The program could be simulcast on their digital channels for example; 9HD, Gem and Go. Australia is seriously lacking the funny these days. Where are the Paul Hogan’s of this world when we need them most.

  5. Seriously – I wouldn’t watch anything this guy is on – he would be the most unfunniest comedian (I use the work loosely) I know. I didn’t mind some parts of his show when it was on, but him trying to be funny is not funny.

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