Oops. Can’t a bloke eat a slice of pizza in private?


More technical glitches for Nine News with its Mosart system yesterday on a day when everybody was glued to the news.

Viewers caught Laurie Oakes downing a slice of pizza in New York before a local report on the US Election results rolled.

Oakes and Karl Stefanovic had been manning a marathon coverage in the US into the late hours of the morning -enough to make anybody positively famished.

As Virginia Trioli also shows us, talent really needs to be able to trust that technical stuff-ups will not expose what is pretty normal behaviour at inopportune moments.


  1. How hard would it be to catch that moment?
    Mosart seems better suited to regional TV where they’re trying to save a buck. Years of credibility trashed with stupid misyakes like this one.

  2. Karl looked tired, and, frankly, not too pleased with the result by the end of the night. Well done to the young man (name escapes me now) political analyst on the panel. He kept spruiking that Hillary could still win long after the outcome was clear. Political coverage 101.

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