Outlander: update


After tonight’s episode of Outlander on SBS the show will return in two weeks time.

It’s out due to SBS screening First Contact next week.

Outlander will return with episode seven on 8th December.


  1. I think most fans of the show will likely have watched the whole season by now. Outlander is obviously classed as a low ratings show which I guess is the reason why SBS is showing it, never the less it’s a good time to consider why Outlander and other big budget overseas shows that obviously find success in America and elsewhere end up in obscurity playing second fiddle to the reality TV marketing choices that FTA programmers commercially prefer in Australia.

    • Outlander has been a huge success for the Starz network, which I understand doesn’t even show on PayTV here. The second series was added to Foxtel, so Aussies viewers got to see it for the first time (without streaming or waiting for boxset). SBS are latecomers to the party, and by the time they started showing it, a very large part of the audience had already seen it, and whatsmore probably now own it to rewatch at their leisure.

      The best part of SBS showing it again is that the people who have heard about it after the first screenings are now able to see it, which I think is reflected accurately in the ratings. And to be honest some of the content is quite graphic, and more suited to SBS who have lower standards about that.

    • Public broadcasters are less influenced by ratings season (although not entirely). Outlander is not a big drawcard given it is a second window playout. But SBS has used summer to gain some oxygen and we can see First Contact is running next week, for example.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      That’s another tick in favour of ABC and SBS – they don’t stop showing a series part-way thru just because of some artificial bookkeeping trick of not counting some week’s ratings in the yearly total.

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