Seven didn’t discuss bio drama with Shane Warne

Seven boss says the network didn't discuss Warnie with its subject, but had seen him comment on social media.


Seven did not consult with Shane Warne before it announced a bio drama, as part of its 2017 programming slate.

Speaking at the Screen Forever conference yesterday, Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner said Warnie would be a highly-anticipated project.

“We’re really looking forward to it. It’s very early days with the first draft of a treatment. So we’re at a point where we will know soon, after that work’s completed, whether or not we need 2 actors to play Young Shane or ‘Older and Wiser Shane.'”

Asked if Seven spoke to Warne before announcing the project Worner said, “No,” but had noticed a reaction from the champion cricketer on social media.

“I think I saw something on Twitter. He’s a bit of a fan of the old Twitter. I think I saw something on there.”

Another bio drama is Hoges, featuring Josh Lawson as iconic comedian Paul Hogan.

“He was in his 30s supporting kids and working as a rigger on the Harbour Bridge.

“I don’t know if many of you know but the way he got his first break was when he went on New Faces, or whatever that show was called then, and bagged the judges. And that was the breakthrough moment for Hoges. It’s an amazing story.”

On the question of the ‘secret’ to Seven’s success with bio dramas such as INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door and Molly, he replied, “There’s no real secret. You just see something and read about it and think ‘I think people would want to watch that.’ That’s as far as the secret goes.”

Lastly he teased the reality series, Yummy Mummies.

“They’re a pretty interesting bunch of characters. They don’t appear to have any grasp that there’s actually a camera in the room. So that tends to make pretty good television.”

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