SKY News reporter injured outside court

SKY News reporter Amy Greenbank was injured when the wife of a man arrested during raids by the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad clashed with the media outside a Sydney Court Room.

Tarek Assad’s wife lashed out at Greenbank after her husband was denied bail on firearms charges.

Greenbank was pushed up against a tree resulting in a bloody cut to the face which required medical attention.


  1. i’m surprised it has taken this long for something like this to happen. i see these sort of scrums almost daily out front of the magistrates court in Brisbane where i spend time as a law student.

    often the media scrums are pushy, confronting and loud.

    • On reflection I suppose it was bit unfair to put all the blame on the journalist. She would have been carrying out the demands of her boss, news director or whatever. And while they are chasing every ratings point they can get its never going to stop. ACA is the worst offender, they seem to revel in confronting, in-your face reporting. I suppose you can guess this sort of television p—-s me off big time.

  2. Serves her right.This was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m not a fan of journalists chasing people up the street, shoving a microphone in their face, and asking inane questions like “Have you anything to say for your victim?” Have we ever heard the person being harassed stopping for a polite chat? A very low form of journalism, and I say that as a former radio journalist. As a viewer I cringe at the crassness of it. And some female journalists race after people while wearing high heels! Unbelievable.

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