tenplay launches for Apple TV (4th gen)


TEN has today launched a new tenplay app on Apple TV (4th generation) featuring TEN, ELEVEN and ONE content.

The new app was developed after extensive research and will offer TV show trivia appearing while videos load.

TEN General Manager, Digital, Liz Baldwin, said: “The new tenplay app is a fantastic way for viewers to experience immediate access to Ten’s unique and premium online video content on the big screen with the whole family.

“Available anytime and for free, the tvOS app follows tenplay’s successful launch on Apple TV last year, which has already proved to be one of our most popular digital platforms. The new app offers a beautiful user-friendly experience, delivering smooth entry to video playback via new features, including next episode auto play and a ‘continue watching’ function.

“From today, viewers can use the app straight away to catch up on some of the most popular shows in Australia, including MasterChef Australia, Australian Survivor, The Bachelorette Australia, Todd Sampson’s BodyHack, The Wrong Girl, The Project 7pm and many more.”

tenplay spans 12 digital platforms and is part of Ten’s “TV Everywhere” strategy, which puts viewers in control of how they watch our hit shows, when they want to watch them and on what device they want to watch them on.

Over the past year, the numbers of unique visitors to tenplay grew 14% to more than 24 million and the number of video segment views jumped 26% to more than 223 million. Last month, tenplay achieved a record 33 million video segment views in just one month.

The tenplay app is available now for free in the App Store on Apple TV.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    As i have mentioned before, TENPlay need to Live stream everything not just selected in house productions. This is a key reason why people are going to competition. I wanna watch the Simpsons full eps on my tablet but cant at least not on TENPlay. this shows how poor the Network’s strategy is and is managed. It should just say its only a catch up service but again when it comes to Simpsons or Futurama or any other animated sitcom not included Son of Zorn its not included. Very poor no wonder Netflix and Stan are beating them.

  2. It’s just an update of the already existing app on the Apple TV (4th Gen). Version 3 of the app actually.

    Still doesn’t have a live stream. Still has snippets of news bulletins rather than the entire bulletin.

    • Armchair Analyst

      Yeah tell me about it. I have recently downloaded all apps that are needed to watch fta tv content online/mobile. I find the iView is best followed by +7 (should be 7+), then SBSonDemand and 2nd last TENplay & Nine Now only because i need to log in if i want to live stream. TENPlay is shite cant Live stream Eleven at all must be becasue TEN is poor compared to 7 which have the money to Live stream all channels. BTW Live streaming isnt live if you live outside AEST zones. This needs fixing!

      • > BTW Live streaming isnt live if you live outside AEST zones. This needs fixing!

        No it doesn’t! Living in Queensland I can watch all shows on ABC, Seven and Nine an hour earlier than their broadcast time.

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