US election dominates Pay TV


SKY News coverage of the US election dominated Pay TV yesterday, with 13 separate titles amongst the Top 20 shows on air.

The highest figure was The Bolt Report, attracting 139,000 viewers.

But there were various versions of Clinton v Trump coverage that dominated across the featuring David Speers in the US, plus Kieran Gilbert, Peter van Onselen and Kristina Keneally back home and Paul Murray in the evening.

In the non political coverage, were I Own Australia’s Best Home, Play Along with Sam and Deadline Design with Shaynna Blaze.


  1. I guess the fascination was that the self serving news media were shown not to be as clever as they may think they are, the U.S. media in particular may have helped to create something a lot more potentially serious than just your ambitious career politician suddenly becoming President.

  2. Thank you for highlighting this, David. I was switching between ABC and Sky during that afternoon. I think the marathon really pushed all the correspondents to their max. It was interesting to compare the demeanor of them. especially the ABC ones by the time the victory speech came. Tired, pointed and sharp in tone.

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