US Presidential Election: guide


All five networks will offer Live coverage of the US Presidential Election on Wednesday November 9.

Most will begin Live coverage from around 11am, some earlier, some later.

The style of coverage spans the very serious -from Chris Uhlmann, Laurie Oakes and Michael Usher -to a lighter approach such as Charlie Pickering, Chas Licciardello or even the Studio 10 gang.

There are many reporters on the ground in the USA and an assortment of satellite news feeds to draw upon.

Pay TV also sees several News channel covering the event including SKY News with David Speers, BBC World News, Al Jazeera and more.

All times are AEDT:



The ABC will deliver the most comprehensive and engaging multi-platform US Election Day coverage when America votes on Wednesday November 9 (November 8 in the US). With an unrivalled team of political experts headlining the ABC’s uninterrupted live coverage, audiences can stay tuned for this historic event right throughout the day and night on television, radio, mobile, social and online.

Providing all the essential news, commentary and state by state analysis on the day will be: US correspondents Zoe Daniel and Michael Vincent, Virginia Trioli, Michael Rowland, Chris Uhlmann, Leigh Sales, Joe O’Brien, John Barron, Sara James, Charlie Pickering, Chas Licciardello, Kumi Taguchi, Greg Jennett, Julia Baird, Philip Williams, Emma Alberici and ABC Election Analyst Antony Green.

Will it be a tight race or a landslide? Stay tuned to ABC to witness history in the making.

ABC News Breakfast
6.00am on ABC & iview / 6.00am AEDT on ABC News 24 & iview
Our coverage kicks off from 6.00am AEDT with a four-hour special broadcast of News Breakfast crossing hourly to Michael Rowland and Political Editor Chris Uhlmann in Washington, providing analysis and commentary on what the result will mean for Australian politics.

USA Votes
10.00am AEDT on ABC News 24 & iview
News 24’s election coverage steps up a gear from 10.00am AEDT, with Joe O’Brien, US political expert John Barron and NBC Correspondent Sara James leading the continuous coverage. They’ll be joined by a panel of guests offering the best analysis and context, with regular live crosses to events in Australia and around the world as polling closes across America.

From midday ABC News 24’s election coverage will be simulcast on ABC TV, as we inch closer to a final result.

ABC Election Analyst Antony Green will be on hand in the Sydney studio as the numbers come in, giving us the latest state by state results and analysis, with his exclusive election touchscreen.

ABC special guest reporter, Charlie Pickering will be in New York’s Time Square, getting the latest on what Americans are thinking and how they’re voting, and Planet America’s Chas Licciardello will be giving us his own unique thoughts and analysis, including the latest social media reaction, as events unfold.

We’ll cross live to our ABC News US correspondents at the Clinton and Trump headquarters and News 24’s Kumi Taguchi will be with guests at the US Consulate event in Sydney.

Follow the reaction and developments throughout the day and night for the latest international and domestic reaction to the US Presidential result.

The Drum: US Election Special
5.30pm on ABC & iview / 6.30pm AEDT on ABC News 24 & iview
Host Julia Baird will dissect the day’s events with a special US election panel including former Foreign Minister Bob Carr, senior fellow at the US Studies Centre and RN’s Between the Lines presenter Tom Switzer, former executive editor of The New Yorker and now Fairfax Good Weekend editor Amelia Lester and other international guests. Coverage will include updates on late results coming in from the West Coast of America.

At 7pm, join us for a special one-hour of ABC News and Current Affairs presented by ABC Political Editor Chris Uhlmann and 7.30’s Leigh Sales, recapping the historic events of the day and providing analysis of what the election result will mean for Australia and the world.

ABC News: US Election Special
7.00pm on ABC & iview / 7.00pm AEDT on ABC News 24 & iview
ABC Political Editor Chris Uhlmann hosts a national 7pm ABC News special, live from Washington, crossing to the ABC’s unmatched network of foreign correspondents for the world’s reaction – Lisa Millar (London), Matt Brown (Beirut), Matthew Carney (Beijing) and Zoe Daniel and Michael Vincent in America. We’ll also cross to Greg Jennett who’ll explain what a Trump or Clinton Presidency will mean for Australia. The national special will include local news updates.

7.30pm on ABC & iview / 7.30pm AEDT on ABC News 24 & iview
Join Leigh Sales for a special edition of 7.30 featuring a report from Chief Foreign Correspondent Philip Williams and interviews with US and political experts.

9.30pm AEDT on ABC News 24 & iview and at 10.40pm on ABC & iview
Lateline host Emma Alberici will be crossing live to Time magazine Deputy Managing Editor Michael Duffy in Washington and guest reporter Charlie Pickering in New York will recap the historic events of the day.



Having endured close to 600 days of the most toxic election campaigning in modern history, on Wednesday Americans will find out who the 45th President of the United States will be.

From the only commercial network that brought you all three debates Live as they happened and with teams following the ever-changing campaigning of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump night after night, Seven News will deliver Australia’s most comprehensive coverage of the US Presidential Election, featuring commentary and analysis from an unrivalled team of journalists and experts Live on-air and across digital and social platforms.

All-day special coverage on Seven and PLUS7 Live airs following an extended edition of Sunrise from 10am AEDT, anchored by Seven News US Bureau Chief Mike Amor and Senior Correspondent Michael Usher. We’ll cross live to Seven News Chief Reporter Chris Reason from inside Donald Trump’s camp, and US Correspondent Angela Cox who will be with Hillary Clinton. Seven News Political Editor Mark Riley will have on-the-spot analysis live from Washington, D.C.

Committed to bringing viewers the most in-depth, informative and interactive coverage as the election unfolds, Seven News will broadcast every moment and every dramatic twist as the results emerge, using the exclusive resources of our global broadcast news affiliates CNN and NBC.

Tom Switzer, Australia’s leading US politics and foreign policy expert and senior fellow at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, will also join our team to provide expert analysis.

Do not miss a moment of what’s been described as The Greatest Show on Earth, as the battle for the world’s most powerful position is won and lost. Join Seven News for all-day coverage of the US Election Live on Wednesday from 10am AEDT on Seven and if you’re out and about stream it on PLUS7 Live (



The Nine Network will broadcast Australia’s most comprehensive coverage of the U.S. election featuring the country’s most experienced political commentators in a Nine News special event on Wednesday, November 9.

An extended edition of the Today show will start the day’s coverage with regular crosses to the United States for the latest news from the polling booths.

This will lead into Nine’s dedicated broadcast of the election, starting at 10.00am. Today host and Australia’s foremost live reporter, Karl Stefanovic, will front Nine’s coverage live from the heart of the action at our specially created studio in New York’s Times Square.

Nine News Political Editor and Walkley Award-winning journalist Laurie Oakes will spearhead Nine’s team of experts. With more than 50 years of covering politics, Oakes is Australia’s best political mind and has a grasp of the American political scene that is second to none among Australian journalists. Nine’s coverage will draw upon the enormous resources of ABC America. We will bring viewers access to their cutting-edge technology that will provide up-to-the-second results.

Robert Penfold, Australia’s most experienced North American correspondent, will bring a unique perspective to Nine’s broadcast. Australian born and bred, Penfold has been with Nine for 40 years, the last 20 living with his family in Los Angeles. Penfold is unrivalled in his ability to bridge both worlds and has an understanding of America that is unparalleled among Australian reporters. He will report from the Clinton campaign headquarters in New York.

Nine’s U.S. correspondent, Laura Turner, will provide regular updates from the Trump camp, also in New York. Our coverage will include expert analysis from Harlan Hill, widely regarding as one of America’s sharpest political wits. Nine’s Tom Steinfort will also report live from New York on the reaction to the day’s events from everyday Americans. We will also cross regularly to Washington D.C. and to key swing states such as Florida.

Back in Australia, Peter Overton will anchor the local coverage, bringing viewers the reaction from our country and its leaders as it happens. Our coverage will continue throughout the day, rolling into Nine’s Afternoons News at 4.00pm.

The results of the election will have an enormous bearing for Australia, impacting on everything from our economy to our military ties with America. As the U.S. votes on who will become the most important person in the world, this Nine News special will provide a broadcast that is without rival for the experience and insight it has assembled.



Studio 10: US Election Coverage
10am – 3pm
Wednesday, Studio 10 will broadcast live across Australia to bring you down-to-earth coverage that cuts through the spin and focuses on bringing you results as they happen.

Hosted by Sarah Harris and Sandra Sully with Hugh Riminton and Waleed Aly on the ground in New York plus reporters across America in key locations. Our panel of experts includes a former press secretary who worked in the White House under two Presidents. With full, unrestricted access to the powerful resources of CBS news we’ll be able to bring you key information as polls close in each state plus exit poll projections.

Hosted by: Sarah Harris & Sandra Sully
Panel: Joe Hildebrand, Ita Buttrose, Jessica Rowe plus special guests.

Election coverage times around Australia:
10.00am – NSW / VIC / ACT / TAS
9.30am – South Australia
9.00am – Queensland
8.30am – Northern Territory
7.00am – Western Australia



World News Australia US Presidential Election 2016
12:55pm – 5:30pm Live
Hosted by Janice Petersen, SBS presents live, on-the-ground coverage of the US Presidential Election as the votes are tallied. Using up-to-the-minute resources from PBS and broadcasters all over the world, watch the final moments as the Trump versus Clinton battle reaches its final conclusion. (An SBS Production)


SKY News

As the United States heads to the polls for its most anticipated presidential election in years, SKY News will be there with unrivalled Live multi-channel, multi-platform coverage, beginning with First Edition: Clinton v Trump at 5:00am on Wednesday 9 November (Tuesday 8 November in the U.S.) on SKY News Live (Channel 601).

Political Editor David Speers will be Live from Washington D.C. with the most up to date results, reaction and analysis on how Australia will be affected. From 9:00am David will anchor non-stop coverage which will also include comprehensive reporting from the ABC America network.

Chief Political Reporter Kieran Gilbert and anchors Peter van Onselen and Kristina Keneally will lead a panel of U.S. politics experts including Brian Loughnane, Bruce Wolpe and Brendon O’Connor from the SKY News Election Centre. Former Australian Ambassador to the U.S. Kim Beazley will be on hand for his take on what the result will mean for Australia’s relations with America.

From 11:00am SKY News Business (Channel 602) will cross to the CBS network for non-stop coverage of election night with the SKY News Business team keeping track of market reaction.

The SKY News Election Channel (Channel 606) will partner with America’s leading political news network C-SPAN for rolling coverage from 10:00pm on Tuesday 8 November.

A Live blog featuring highlights from exclusive SKY News commentators and rolling coverage will feature at plus the latest reaction from social media including @SkyNewsAust (Twitter) and


BBC World News

On Election Day, from 8:00am AEDT on Wednesday November 9, there will be a rolling U.S Election News special on BBC World News.

At 9:00am on BBC World News, the BBC’s U.S news programme, World News America with Katty Kay (@kattykaybbc), will be in New York with a show featuring special guests, as well as hearing from American voters from across the country about the issues that matter to them.

From 10:30am AEDT, the BBC’s Andrew Neil and Katty Kay will present live coverage from an election studio overlooking Times Square, New York. Andrew and Katty will be joined by Democrat and Republican election analysts to discuss the results as they come in. The BBC’s Emily Maitlis will be there to keep track of the races in key states on a giant touchscreen as the votes are counted and Jeremy Vine will be analysing the exit polls with eye catching virtual reality graphics.

BBC correspondents will be based at the key swing states to bring audiences the news from those election battlegrounds; while the BBC’s Jon Sopel and Laura Trevelyan will be reporting from within the Democratic and Republican Party’s headquarters.

After the results are announced, BBC World News will provide comprehensive coverage of all the reaction, and key developments throughout 9 November, both within the U.S and globally. The BBC’s Lucy Hockings will be anchoring BBC News US Election coverage throughout the day analysing the results and charting the changes as the world wakes up to a new U.S. president. The BBC’s Michelle Fleury in New York will also be getting reaction from the business world on the result and looking at what this result could mean for the U.S economy.

Katty Kay will be anchoring World News America from 9:00am on Thursday November 10, with a special edition of the program focusing on how the White House was won; with analysis of the challenges facing the new President-Elect, alongside the wider international reaction to the result.



10am-7pm  Election Night in America 

Al Jazeera

9am – 7:30pm America Votes 2016

FOX News

10am – 5pm America’s Election HQ


11am – 5pm 2016 US Presidential Election


  1. Will be watching on SKY with great interest. Hoping for a Trump Victory, but I think the US mainstream media has pretty much handed Hillary the Whitehouse. So many brainwashed people over here in Aus that have no idea about the damage that she has done.

  2. On behalf of all Americans, let me apologize for this whole mess. Why should you have to suffer along with us. Oh, and just in case the big orange pumpkin should win, I already have a place picked out south of Hobart. Hello, neighbor.

  3. As I recall from 8 years ago, if the trend is going towards the Democrats the TV stations in the US call it as a Democrat victory when the polls close there as the west coast states are Democrat strongholds. This happened at 4PM. If the Republicans are leading the networks will have to stay with it longer before calling it. Nobody wants a repeat of the 2000 election where it was so close networks called an Al Gore victory whereas the Supreme Court later gave it to George W Bush despite Gore winning more votes. I agree with the others who have protested at the blanket coverage of this election on all the main channels. It should have been shunted off to the digital channels and the main channels should have stuck with regular programming.

  4. One station we wont be watching is Fox News if Trump is losing it will be a conspiracy and rigged, we still don’t understand how any American does not understand this station is totally 100% Trump biased.Our own Sky news is getting the same witn “try hard Hannity” impersonator Paul Murray and well Andrew Bolt,where there is no black and white with Aussie politics and an unabashed Trump man

  5. Let’s hope veteran TV political reporter Laurie Oakes learns how pronounce Barack Obama’s first name correctly before Nine’s live US election coverage begins. Laurie – the first name of the US president of almost eight years standing is pronounced “Buh-rahrk” (rhyming with “bark”), not “Bar-rack”, rhyming with “back”. It’s the way people in the US pronounce it, as does Mr Obama’s wife, Michelle. That’s good enough for me.

    • Agree. 7 & 9 will be 40 mins of election, 20 mins of funeral insurance, steam mops and debt “relief” adverts every hour. Can’t imagine them going ad-free all day just for this. ABC24 thanks.

  6. So will this interfere with the premier of please like me which is supposed to be on that night?

    Assuming that all normal shows like neighbours and home & away won’t be on or at a different time??

    • Why “Assuming that all normal shows like neighbours and home & away won’t be on or at a different time??”. Can’t imagine 7, 9, 10 or ABC going beyond 5pm at the latest, given the time difference of 9 hrs AEDT to US East Coast time, 7pm here = 4am there. “Neighbours” is on 11 anyway.

    • Maev....Sydney

      Everyone in the US will be in bed…middle of the night…early hours of the morning.
      As I type it is 2.15PM here…US…West coast…8.15PM….East Coast 11.15PM

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