What was missing off Nine Upfronts list?

No word on You're Back in the Room, Hyde & Seek or Unreal Estate.

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In the lengthy list of Nine’s returning shows for 2017 there were a number of absent titles.

While most were no surprise there were a few that were less clear.

Nine didn’t announce a second season of You’re Back In The Room. The show launched well with and seemed to have its devotees. But it also saw swift drops after the curiosity factor was over. Ultimately it was a show that tended to polarise viewers into those who just loved it and those who didn’t.

Hyde and Seek was not renewed as yet. It’s touch and go for this series which is sitting on the edge of not quite enough to earn a second season as yet. Nine will need to look at its overall performance once Timeshifted numbers are in.

Unreal Estate is another that is still on air and yet to be renewed.

Here’s a list of those that didn’t make the cut yesterday. Most are done and dusted, some are still to be determined:

You’re Back in the Room
Australia’s Got Talent,
The Farmer Wants a Wife,
Hyde & Seek,
The Verdict,
Reno Rumble,
The Embassy,
Kings Cross ER,
Inside Story,
The Rookie,
Unreal Estate.

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  1. I could have sworn I heard somewhere that Hyde & seek had been renewed. Really hope it is, it’s a great show. A lot of people bagged it but I loved you’re back in the room, I thought it was hysterically funny, especially when they watched themselves back.

  2. Unreal Estate does great in the ratings and is one of the few 9 shows I enjoy watching. Not sure how many “unreal” properties would be left in Australia to visit, so not sure if a second season would be warranted.

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