60 Minutes: Dec 11


From an extra-late timeslot last week to extra-early this weekend, 60 Minutes looks back on its archives, including a 1987 interview between Mike Munro and one Ms. Katharine Hepburn.

Emma Hayes is a smart and beautiful 12-year-old-girl. Karl Stefanovic first met her three years ago when she bravely told him how she had always known she was a girl – even though she was born a boy. Back then, Emma’s parents made the difficult but ultimately obvious decision to let her be their daughter. At the beginning of this year she started high school and now some even bigger changes are happening, meaning Emma can permanently transition to life as a woman. And she’s doing it with inspiring courage and strength.
(Original broadcast: August 14, 2016)
Reporter: Karl Stefanovic
Producer: Steve Jackson

Out of this World
Charles Wooley is not usually lost for words, but when he met the star of this story for the first time he was speechless. She’s a complete diva, mysterious and unpredictable. She makes visitors travel to the end of the Earth to see her, and then more often than not snubs them by not even bothering to show up. Charles was one of the fortunate ones though when the Northern Lights – the Aurora Borealis – deigned to greet him in all her heavenly splendour.
(Original broadcast: April 10, 2016)
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Nick Greenaway

60 Minutes Timeless: Katharine The Great
As a reporter on 60 Minutes, there was one interview Michael Munro worked harder to get than any other. It took him years of writing letters and making phone calls from all over the world, but eventually, in 1987, the notoriously publicity-shy Hollywood legend Katharine Hepburn agreed to talk to him. And what an interview it was. Hepburn not only spoke candidly about more than 50 years of movie-making, but also opened up about her very special relationship with that other screen great, Spencer Tracy. Even today, almost 30 years later, this interview is still Munro’s all-time favourite and he shamelessly remains Katharine Hepburn’s number one fan.
(Original broadcast: August 30, 1987)
Reporter: Mike Munro
Producer: Ben Hawke

7pm Sunday on Nine.

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