Airdate: Hollywood & Football

A new E! reality series will peer into the lives of families inside the NFL.


A new E! reality series Hollywood & Football will peer into the lives of families inside the NFL.

It features four couples from the LA Rams, picked to share how their family’s lives changed with a relocation.

Hollywood & Football documents the high stakes journey of the LA Rams as it uproots the organization from St. Louis. The pressure is on for everyone in the Rams ecosystem – from the players and cheerleaders, and the local real estate agents eager to land major commissions. These million-dollar athletes have everything to prove in an inaugural season by giving the city something to invest in. Meanwhile, their wives have to start from scratch in making friends, finding schools, and navigating the celebrity gossip.

From starry-eyed players excited to be in the scene of sunsets and the hills, to Midwestern-valued families nervous about being lured into the temptations of the spotlight, Hollywood & Football shows what it’s like to be the new celeb on the block of fame. How will they adapt to LA living? Who left their heart in St. Louis? What will be the outcome of their first season in Los Angeles – inside and outside of the stadium?

9:30pm Tuesday December 6 on E!

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