Axed in 2016

We farewelled Saturday Disney after 26 years -here's what else confirmed the end.

In 2016 we said goodbye to another roll call of shows, old and new, hits and misses -including 26 years of Saturday Disney (pictured).

We also bid farewell to long-running shows that had confirmed their endings in 2015, including American Idol, Downton Abbey, The Mentalist and the last QI with Stephen Fry as host.

And we finally got that last ever episode of Medium from TEN. Only took 6 years -something Alison DuBois never saw comin’….

The majority on this list are US titles where networks sensibly let fans know if a show is returning or not. In Australia there is a remarkable tendency to say “no decision yet” then the show just flies under the radar never seen nor heard of again. With that in mind I’ve taken some liberties with this list.

Whether at the hands of the network, or a creative decision on their own part, here are the shows that wrapped in 2016 or confirmed their ending.

* denotes final episode yet to air in Australia.

Scott and Bailey
Dirty Laundry Live

Saturday Disney
Winners and Losers
Dancing with the Stars
Rush Hour
The Muppets
Royal Pains*

Australia’s Got Talent
The Farmer Wants a Wife
Reno Rumble
Inside Story*
The Verdict
The Hotplate
Murder in the First
Person of Interest
Unforgettable (again)
Mike and Molly*
Rizzoli & Isles*
Mornings (renamed as Today Extra)

The Good Wife
CSI: Cyber
American Gothic
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
House of Lies*
Long Lost Family
The Great Australian Spelling Bee
The Grinder
Angel From Hell

Bear Grylls: Mission Survive

Game of Thrones*
Duck Dynasty
DCI Banks
Saving Hope*
Halt & Catch Fire*
Alan Carr: Chatty Man
Adventure Time*
The Strain*
Regular Show
Devious Maids
Pretty Little Liars*
The Jim Gaffigan Show
Switched at Birth
I Am Cait
The Nightly Show
Top Gear USA
Penny Dreadful
Indian Summers
The Musketeers
Moonbeam City
Bates Motel*
Ripper Street*
Teen Wolf*
Turn: Washington’s Spies*
Black Sails*
The Vampire Diaries*
The Americans*
and Nashville (later renewed)


Marco Polo

Masters of Sex


To be determined:
The X Factor
Zumbo’s Just Desserts
Please Like Me
Jack Irish
The Big Music Quiz
Australia’s Next Top Model
Territory Cops
Gold Coast Cops
The Recruit
The NRL Rookie
The Kettering Incident
River Cottage Australia
Kiss Bang Love
Australia’s Cheapest Weddings
Unreal Estate
The Embassy*
You’re Back in the Room
King’s Cross ER
Ready for This
The Chaser
The Night Of


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  1. Is Hyde & Seek returning or is it missing from the list?
    I’m surprised about some shows on this list and some I was expecting to die. I feel like the To Be Determined list could be predicted quite easily. Like Zumbo probably won’t be back. Right? Right…? Music Quiz was a good concept, just not executed well. You’re Back in the Room… Pretty obvious. I feel like Gruen could stay on air for another season or two. Especially now that Russell Howcroft works in advertising but it was good to get a network opinion. The NRL Rookie could be more suited for Fox8 and renamed The Recruit NRL. The X Factor wasn’t that strong this year. I feel like Top Model will stay. It’s just something Foxtel probably won’t let go of but they could move it to Lifestyle You or Arena. You know… The place where those dramatic shows live… I’m surprised they got rid of Got Talent. Spelling Bee needed to…

  2. Say what?? Mornings has been axed? I don’t remember seeing a story about that. What will replace it? I thought that was a money spinner because of all the advertorials? Does that mean Studio 10 has stolen some of the ratings?

  3. I kept living in hope of SBS showing series 3 of Doc Martin France….which went missing with the 1st reinventing of SBS2….or maybe even re running all the series…
    It has been so long now…I guess they either lost the rights…or they are simply stuck on a dusty shelf somewhere…
    Hmmm….just looking at wiki…there was a season 4…2015?…but no idea where you can buy them….

  4. Thanks David! Very interesting this probably would’ve taken you some time to do, love knowing about axed shows etc.. wonder if 7 will axe X-factor guess will find out soon & thought maybe AGT will be back guess not.

  5. For the Foxtel list, Sky News ended ‘Reporting Live with Stan Grant’ and ‘Sportsnight with James Bracey’ after their respective hosts left for other channels. ‘Richo’ was also put on hiatus due to his ill health (and ‘Richo + Jones’ with Alan Jones was retitled ‘Jones + Co’).

    I recall a News Corp article a few months ago in which Seven confirmed ‘Kiss Bang Love’ wouldn’t return. It is a shame, as you noted in the article, that Australian networks are so reluctant to officially announce programs ending/cancelled!

  6. Is 9 ever going to air the final season of The Following? I was hoping it would be in the Person of Interest timeslot when that finished. And is 7 ever going to air the 2nd season of Aquarius?
    I think Major Crimes was axed too & still has to air it’s final season here.

      1. This is quite common in American television, it’s known as “the back half”.
        Major Crimes is expected to get a sixth season, and from there, it would be unlikely to not get a seventh due to syndication rights.

        1. I see where your coming from. But what they did was make the cancellation in advance for 2018 in 2016. The only reason they did it now is that roumers were already strong that GOT would finish in a few seasons so they said it now. So it was cancelled in 2016 but won’t actually cease production until 2018. GOT should probably be put on the 2016 Axed list as well.

        1. This has been raised before. As the post notes, someone makes a decision to conclude a show so it needs to be acknowledged somewhere. For Search purposes the site does standardise with terms including Axed, Renewed, Airdate, Bumped, Vale etc.

          1. Totally understand where you are coming from but how will this be recorded next year and in 2018 when it actually ends? The writers announced that they had always planned the series to be a certain length, so it is going to run its natural course. Not exactly cancelled or axed. Still have a feeling HBO will have something more to say about the series ending.

        2. They cancelled it in 2016 but it won’t cease production until 2018. So they made the cancellation in advance. They only did this because there were already strong roumers that it would end in a few seasons so HBO thought it would be good to just announce it now instead of 2018. So technically it was cancelled in 2016. It just won’t stop until 2018

    1. HBO could become a bit like the BBC which usually has a limit of 3-4 seasons for it’s prestige productions as it occasionally changes it’s policy position on how it funds creative content. Most of the shows listed like GoT do need an appropriate ending so to actually have an ending date should make planning it easier. The problem For U.S. producers in particular is their production line mentality a process that’s hard for them hard to break free from, some less than satisfactory season endings have been the consequence when shows suddenly wind up when it was obviously intended by producers to have an extended run.

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