Foxtel viewers unhappy over loss of TCM, increased prices.

Foxtel is copping a barrage of criticism from unhappy customers over decisions to raise its Sports package by $4 a month and dumping classic movies channel TCM.

On social media, viewers are venting their anger, with many vowing to cancel their subscriptions and head to Netflix.

While Foxtel offers a large amount of Customer Support through a messageboard and Twitter, it leaves a trail of grievances for all to see.

The Foxtel Help Twitter account spends most of its time dealing with complaints, with very few bouquets amongst a tirade of brickbats.

From 1 February 2017, the Sports package will cost $29 per month while Platinum HD will cost $137 per month. This is an increase of $4 to the Sports package and $2 to the Platinum package across the board.

But it appears to be a tipping point for some:

@Foxtel you sent me a letter raising my bill $4 a month. I just cut you off, so you lose $116 a month #Netflix

Prices go up and so do the adverts how pathetic im paying for bloody adverts. All because i want live sport. #joke #shame

@Foxtel haemorrhaging customers so they up the monthly price for sport! Yeah, nah!!

@FOXTEL_Help Its all about priorities Taylor, especially when you have 3 kids U5 & trying to survive on 1 wage. Increases don’t help.

Almost more ads than free to air, No EPL, Added crap religious channels, now wants to charge more. Something’s gotta give @Foxtel #willbeyou

@FOXTEL_Help So how do you justify the price hike? Give me a good reason to not cancel my subscription.

@FOXTEL_Help Another $2 increase ? You guys taking the piss ?

@Foxtel Just wondering what you will be adding to my service for the extra charge? Given the loyalty discount is still in the mail?……

. @Foxtel lives in a fantasy land where they lose EPL rights then tell customers Sport package will be $4 more per month. I’m out! #TurnItUp

So you lose EPL then put our bill up? #netflix is $11 bucks a month and @Foxtel over $100. I feel a “it’s not us it’s you” moment coming!

$4 more and even after the EPL going and the host of crap US sports? I don’t think so. Time for us to say goodbye @Foxtel

@Foxtel so you guys LOSE the EPL rights, yet still jack up the price of your sports package. Zero loyalty to long term customers. Pathetic

Foxtel Help responded: The decision to change the monthly cost of our Sports package certainly wasn’t one that was taken lightly. While we recognise the increasingly competitive environment of Sports broadcasting, customers rightfully expect the best coverage and this change ensures we’re able to continue to meet the expectation.

This week FOX Sports CEO Patrick Delany said sports fans had lost interest in the EPL since it had “gone invisible” since it went to Optus. But subscriber feedback suggests otherwise.

Meanwhile the loss of the TCM classic movies channel on December 13 has left others upset.

On its messageboard, the company indicated FOX Classics will absorb over 190 classic films, which will be shown throughout December and January.

TCM fans said:

@Foxtel @FOXTEL_Help If only you’d bring back TCM. It was my late night, comfort TV. I do not want Fox Classics “instead”. I’d like TCM back

@Foxtel Nice one Foxtel Take away TCM then slug us with a $4 increase on sports package..Foxtel giveth Foxtel takes away #Grinchmas

@FOXTEL_Help Added to the fact TCM was taken away from the customer now there is a $2 per month price hike. And I’m not interested in spin.

#Foxtel. Price Premier League football…no TCM! ripoff!

@RyanOak @Foxtel Not only that but how about bringing back TCM. And don’t give me some Fox Classics response.

@tcm #NotFairTCM #TCMHeartbreak Australia has just lost TCM from Foxtel w/out any notice.?Not fair TCM need my classic films – heartbroken ?

So sad to hear that TCM is no longer on @Foxtel. It was my favourite channel… Fox classics won’t fill the void.

Devastated 2 read @Foxtel will no longer show @tcm in Aus. What does a classic film fan do now? Cancel subscription @TCM_Party @JRDorian

@Foxtel what the hell? Today is the last of @tcm channel? Horrified. One of the only channels left that I watch. Why? & what replaces it?

Totally disillusioned/annoyed. @Foxtel you’ve taken away TCM and Premier League but you’ve increased the prices. WTF

So @FOXTEL_Help TCM has disappeared and I read a price rise is coming. Looks like time to cancel, you are so out of touch it’s not funny.

sorry @Foxtel price rise and dropping #TCM simply not good enough…been a customer 15 years….but not for much longer…

Just when 2016 couldn’t get any suckier, @Foxtel decide to can @TCM, thanks a bunch.

Foxtel Help replied: While we understand some customers will be disappointed TCM will no longer be a part of the Foxtel lineup, this channel no longer represented the value for investment after our most recent channel review. The price change in 2017 will ensure we can continue to invest in acquiring broadcast rights to premium sports and entertainment both locally and from around the globe.


  1. Why do you think News Corp was against the NBN! Because it cost to much for the Australian Government and People to build??? Lol People fell for the News Corp lie. If Australia went with the original NBN Plan, Foxtel would be obsolete or would have to become a lot more competitive. You only watch the NRL or AFL football? Imagine getting rid of your Fox Sports $60 per month HD sports subcription. Instead you pay a one off fee to the Sports Code of your choice for let’s say $100 for the whole year of Ad free Football while being broadcast in Full HD on your TV via the NBN!!! Netflix and Stan would put even more pressure on Foxtel if they could stream all their HD content via the NBN.

    The consumer needs to wake up about News Corp. News Corp is a business they are not after Australia’s or the Consumers best intrest, News Corp is all about making money and that’s it.

  2. What has always bugged me about Foxtel more than anything else is the lack of rewarding long term loyal customers. I’ve had pay TV since December 1995 – and a Foxtel account since 2002 (after a “gap year” due to living in a building that couldn’t get Foxtel). Yet I get nothing in return – no deals to keep me there – they constantly have deals for new customers. Only when we call to drop down the package or cancel will they offer anything. They have never on their own accord done anything like thank you for the loyalty and give anything like free or discounted upgrades etc. In my job (and I’m sure most others) it is a well known fact that it is far easier and more efficient to keep existing customers happy than to find new ones to replace old ones who aren’t happy.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Yes, but they make more $ by only offering existing customers discounts when they are about to leave, and wearing the small number who leave anyway. As you amply demonstrate by your current tenure, people might have a whinge about increasing cost/decreasing value but the vast majority end up staying anyway.

      It’s such a successful business model that it’s also employed by ISPs, phone companies, banks, insurers, etc, etc.

    • They are neither double dipping or getting away with it. There offer is their offer and if people don’t like it they are free to attempt to negotiate a better offer directly or go to another provider. Alternatively, anyone is free to setup their own company and make the investment to provide a better offer to market.

  3. “FOX Sports CEO Patrick Delany said sports fans had lost interest in the EPL since it had “gone invisible” since it went to Optus.”

    You kidding right. sports fans follow their sports no matter what platform they are on. why do you think i have fetch tv. I only have it because i follow american sports with espn, and i can live without the domestic sports in australia. and in fact if espn was gone id probably consider getting the sports directly from a game pass

    foxtel doesn’t need to increase the sport pack they already have enough sports as it is. seriously if they budgeted on sports they could possibly let go to someone else and not have a monopoly on all the major competition (example v8 supercars which i think really has gone invisible for being on foxtel) they maybe they wouldn’t have to increase the price.

    Why doesn’t foxtel just budget like the rest of us.

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