Game of Thrones most downloaded show of 2016

Game of Thrones is the most-downloaded TV show via BitTorrent for the fifth year in a row.

Although there was no new record set, the highest number of people actively sharing an episode across several torrents was 350,000 at its peak, after the season finale. But lots of people have switched from torrents to streaming, meaning the audience is probably higher.

has shot to #3 in its first year, according to results by Torrent Freak.

Rank (last year) Show
1 (1) Game of Thrones
2 (2) The Walking Dead
3 (…) Westworld
4 (5) The Flash
5 (4) Arrow
6 (3) The Big Bang Theory
7 (7) Vikings
8 (…) Lucifer
9 (10) Suits
10 (…) The Grand Tour


  1. The show I heard the most people in my circle talk about this year was Stranger Things, it was critically acclaimed also – nowhere to be seen on that list funnily enough.

    That list is very Foxtel heavy – which should be taken as a sign that the Foxtel business model needs to change….pronto. Why? Just take a look at how many Netflix/Stan shows are on that list.

  2. I wonder if GoT had a lower download percentage it would start to worry, other shows shown are just as one would expect if they get the write ups and end up on pay TV, perhaps getting an airing on FTA sometime in the future. Vikings is interesting as SBS does a reasonable job with that one, and Big Bang Theory, you have to wonder. Generally, it is getting easier and reasonably priced to view shows now, and you can choose the months to pay your subscription too unlike on Foxtel.

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