James Bracey joins Nine’s NRL team

Sports presenter is leaving SKY after 13 years to host NRL for Nine.

SKY News presenter James Bracey is joining Nine to host its NRL broadcasts.

He will host games on Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights as well as The Sunday Footy Show.

“If you asked me if there was a job I wanted to go into, I wouldn’t have even thought this one was a chance so it’s the whole cliché of a dream come true,” Bracey told Wide World of Sports.

“To go from a kid sitting on the hill watching his Bears, to actually being at the ground, being a part of the coverage and adding to the spectacle doesn’t get any better.”

Nine’s Director of Sport Tom Malone said, “I’m delighted James is joining the Wide World of Sports family and the home of rugby league to host our NRL coverage in 2017.

“He will bring a great professionalism and enthusiasm to our broadcast and digital coverage.’’

Bracey exits SKY News after 13 years, covering Summer & Winter Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup and hosting Sportsnight for the past four years.

He begins in January.

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  1. I like James and did a great job at Sky. He would not have left Sky News unless he had this in the bag. I will watch and see how he goes.Should have been signed by Fox Sports on there 24 hour channel.

  2. One leaves the other enters! I agree that Nine & WWOS could have chosen from within! Erin Molan was probably due to be promoted. Eventually the old guard will need to be moved on. Warren and Gould r the key people who need to be replaced. Nines team needs a refresh.

    1. the reason why Yvonne Sampson was host of the NRL coverage on 9 was because she has played nrl and she knows her stuff and is a good tv personality- erin molan in my opinion not so much.

      erin can stay where she is and keep on doing what shes doing at 9

  3. This is really confusing. He sat and told us for 4 nights straight that he was leaving because he wanted to be home at night, now, he is working still working 2 nights nights a week and has picked up a Sunday. Clearly $$$ driven…

    1. The majority of people don’t care what sex or sexual preference or race the person hosting the show is. They just want someone who is a good quality host. No image problem except as raised by the vocal minority.

      I haven’t watch sky news for ages but I always found james bracey met the good quality host criteria so he will probably do a good job.

      1. As i said no issue with his appointment….. However they just lost Yvonne Sampson so may have been good to keep a bit of female perspective.

        Love to know where your got your “majority of people dont care” statistic…. im in the majority and i care. Seems like a bit of a silly comment.

  4. A little surprised that he got the gig. I just assumed that someone who has worked on Nine before would get the job first – like Peter Sterling or Andrew Voss.

    Nonetheless, he is a good fit for the role and hope he fits in from day one

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