Marco Pierre White moves from Masterchef to Hell’s Kitchen Australia

Seven signs Marco Pierre White for its next celebrity cooking show, meaning he won't be on MasterChef in 2017.


As rumoured, Seven has secured three Michelin star chef Marco Pierre White to front its newest food format, Hell’s Kitchen Australia, assuming the role created by Gordon Ramsay.

It means the man who has described MasterChef Australia as “the greatest cooking show on earth” will not be appearing in the TEN series this year.

The local version, which has been seen in 18 territories, will feature a team of celebrities in skill based challenges, delivering dinner service in a restaurant.

Marco Pierre White said: “All chefs over time will stray slowly from the stove, very few stay close to the flame. Hell’s Kitchen, without question, is the most natural environment for me to be myself.”

A TEN spokesperson said in a statement, “We are looking forward to bringing the ninth season of MasterChef Australia to viewers next year. George, Matt and Gary have already chosen next year’s Top 50 amateur chefs and the show is now in production. The contestants are amazing, we have a great line up of guest chefs and mentors, and it will be a fantastic season of Australia’s premier cooking show.

“Marco was part of the MasterChef Australia family for a few years. We wish him the best and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

To be produced by ITV Studios Australia, filming on Hell’s Kitchen Australia will begin in the New Year.

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  1. I prefer the original British format where it’s actually about cooking. Their professional version is very good and gives an insight into what it’s like for chefs.

    As for our local version, I’ve found it to be more like a soap opera than a cooking show although I think they’ve toned that down over the past couple of years and went back to what they were doing at the beginning. The thing that grabbed my attention in Masterchef Australia in the beginning was using a skills challenge (chopping onions) as an elimination. That shows they were setting a standard for the wannabe chefs.

  2. I always thought this could work on 10, with George in the Gordon role, he comes across like he could have a temper to match or even exceed Ramsay and would do a great job with a non celebrity version of Aussie HK

  3. With the new MKR promos announcing a new male judge will be joining Colin and just thinking what Seven did with Rachel Khoo this year he may well be the new judge on MKR before doing this.

  4. Interesting. I was hoping he was going to be the new mystery judge on MKR. Now that would have been awesome. Seeing the contestants face and having them shake in there boots as Marco walks in.

    But interesting to see he has gone to 7. Yes he always said how MC was the best cooking show in the world. But he should be good on this show. I really enjoyed him on MC. Nice get 7.

  5. I am also disappointed.

    But I’m sure MasterChef have found an even better array of guests/special weeks for next season, should be great 🙂

    Wonder if we could see Nigella again? Or even Gordon Ramsay (censored) as an alternative?

    And absolutely agreed, typical Seven!

    1. Yup, was the chef on the last couple of series of the UK original.

      He was fantastic as a guest on MCAU, mostly because he seemed more interested in being a mentor & helping the contestants than being a judge. He might fit just as well into Hell’s Kitchen AU, if 7 copy the UK original rather than the US/international versions.

      (Oh, c’mon, I’m not even kidding myself am I? 7 (or 9) don’t do ‘nice’ competition shows – they do ones full of conflict, back-biting, and manufactured ‘drama’…)

      1. I will miss him too. We love watching him on MCA. He will be missed. This does not mean I will watch 7s alternative cooking show as 7 has enough viewers. Happy to continue my love for MCA.

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