More headlines surround Seven scandal

There are even more chapters in the scandal engulfing Seven CEO Tim Worner and the Seven West Media Board today.

Most alarmingly, Fairfax reports a website has named two high-profile women who were allegedly linked to Worner. All have been denied by Seven.

The website failed to respond to a court order that the offending material be removed by 8pm Thursday night. The matter will head to the Supreme Court today. But any full Defamation suit could likely necessitate Worner and Amber Harrison giving evidence.

The Daily Telegraph outlines some of the expenses Harrison allegedly accrued on company credit cards: flights, hotels and flowers.

The Herald Sun predicts the Board will be forced to act suggesting “boards can’t resist the shareholder and public pressure and they have to act.”

The Australian weighs in with unrelated speculation of an executive “exodus” in Perth. Rumours Perth boss Chris Wharton had left Seven have been clarified as long service leave by the network. It also speculates on just who will be quizzed by the inquiry announced yesterday and whether Nine should return a volley with a current affair report, after Sunday Night interviewed Adam Whittington over 60 Minutes?

Yesterday Seven confirmed the Board had met 4 times this week following Harrison’s statement while Tim Worner apologised to staff and acknowledged elements of culture could be improved to ensure a safe and ethical workplace.


  1. I think Tim Worner’s getting a raw deal here as the real culprit is the HR department who stuffed up the negotiations with Amber…threatening and cajoling her to sign a deed of release ( and constantly changing the goal posts ) …I reckon Amber signed off on many executive charges that were suss…and after a while she probably thought…well if they are getting away with why not me ?
    Anyway there are far worse stories of executive behaviour at Seven I can most definitely assure you. A few others there should be quaking in their little Italian boots.

  2. jezza the first original one

    ‘deepest regret’ at being found out….nothing wrong with the workplace culture at ch7….. folk that work together are often attracted to each other and the next step is well ….y’know. All good as its long as its consensual

    • jezza the first original one

      No wonder the lawyers are piling in as some of the claims against TW and others appear to be escalating. Typical luck for David with a major story like this breaking when he is hoping to be ‘on hiatus’

  3. I feel like the media are a lot more excited by this story than anyone else. I personally couldn’t care less about who Tim Worner has slept with and I would think neither would most members of the public, particularly when he hasn’t done anything illegal.

  4. Why does the culture at Seven have to shift though? I’m sure it was safe and ethical before all this drama. And the person who wrote the email to staff about the culture is the prime instigator! Was TW trying to pass the buck by saying it was the workplace culture that made him do it? I’ll be surprised if the board let’s him stay in that position though. And I think you will see TW leave his post soon…. And most likely with a golden handshake.

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