Please Like Me planned for a finale, but wait….

If you were watching Please Like Me‘s 4th season finale last night, you may well be wondering: was that the last-ever episode?

As regular viewers know, the Josh Thomas comedy has seen some major storylines resolve past the point of no return.

The fourth season was itself a minor miracle of production given the show has never been a bit ratings drawcard. But it has consistently drawn critical acclaim, both here and in the US where it screened on youth-skewing cable channel Pivot. And its young audience also flocked to it on iview, where it has been one of the platform’s biggest hits. With ABC’s desire to beef up Diversity, its primary channel audience averaging 66, and especially for what it said about mental health, Please Like Me represents many positives in the ABC Charter.

Producers acknowledge that being a big deal on a small channel such as Pivot arguably gave the show more cut-through in the US than being one of a multitude on a much bigger platform. The channel loved the Thomas comedy so much they even had a representative on set for shoots in Melbourne.

But with Pivot closing down it changes the prospects of more. Season 4 will premiere early in the new year on Hulu in the US (they’re already streaming 1-3) and also been fast-tracked for streaming on Amazon Prime in the UK & Ireland a day after screening here. Seasons 1-3 have also just launched in over 80 territories on Netflix, with season 4 to follow in the new year.

Producers say the reaction coming from around the world, particularly to last week’s episode surrounding Rose (Debra Lawrence), has “blown us away.”

So where to from here?

Executive producer Todd Abbott tells TV Tonight, “We made this season with the idea in the back of our minds that it may be the last one. So we wanted to make sure that if it was the last one, it had an ending that would feel really satisfying to fans.

“Having said that, we haven’t closed the door on doing another season down the track.”

The way storylines have wrapped up, any fifth season would inevitably embark on a whole new chapter in the life of its central character, were it to proceed. Structurally the landscape has also changed.

Ultimately it may be wiser to bow out leaving its audience wanting more, but that’s something for its young creator, who has amply demonstrated he can surprise, to decide.


  1. harrypotter1994

    I’m so conflicted…I would absolutely adore more but I also realise that what we got was a bloody good way to end. Besides Josh, Deborah Mailman absolutely stole the show this week.

  2. Have so loved Please Like Me, especially this last season.
    Agree that it is an exceptional, one of a kind show, with a wonderful cast selection of truly memorable and unique characters.
    But do agree that perhaps best to finish on a high, with viewers wanting more, rather than embarking on a completely new chapter which may or may not work. Really do think that the story has reached its natural conclusion.
    Perhaps a one off special or two to catch up with the characters to see how they’re doing, would be better than a whole new series.
    Did find last night’s finale a little bit flat and inconclusive after the last couple of beautifully crafted episodes.

  3. I was satisfied with the finale, but of course I’d love to see more. Agree with ryaneco, it’s one of the best Australian shows ever made, and mixes drama with comedy unlike any other Australian show that I can think of.

  4. Please Like Me is by far and away one of the greatest Australian shows in recent memory. If it ends here it has had a stellar run. I really just hope with the hulu pickup and netflix starting to stream all seasons almost globally that one of the US streaming giants picks it up for a 5th season and beyond…. with that said I’d only want it to continue if Josh has ideas about where it can go, if he is satisfied with the story that has been told then it will be a good place to end it.

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