Renewed: The Ex-PM

Australia’s longest serving caretaker Prime Minister will be back on the hustings for ABC.

Shaun Micallef will be heading back to a second season of his 2015 ABC comedy The Ex-PM.

The project is one of several to receive funding from Film Victoria.

“Australia’s longest serving caretaker Prime Minister is back where he belongs: on the hustings, in the press, under the radar and all over the issues of the day. All he has to do is turn up,” a synopsis teases.

Micallef has been performing on stage in The Odd Couple alongside regular sidekick, Francis Greenslade, and will feature in a second season of Stairway to Heaven doco for SBS in January.

Also funded by Film Victoria is a new project for The Katering Show‘s Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan. Get Krack!n unleashes their mix of social awkwardness and unprofessionalism onto the bright chirpy world of Morning TV.

Also receiving funding are upcoming SBS drama Sunshine, Vitamania: The Sense and Nonsense of Vitamins and Supplements from the team behind Uranium: Twisting the Dragon’s Tail, a one off special on the AFL’s Women’s League called League of Her Own, My Year 7 Life factual from Princess Pictures, and Housemates Series 2 uncovering the unique, unusual, and sometimes crazy ways Australians have made share-housing work.

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    1. Have to agree that The Ex-PM definitely isn’t amongst Shaun’s best work.
      I love Shaun but found S1 mildly amusing at best and weak and overacted in parts.
      Yes, hopefully, S2 will hit its stride and improve.

  1. When the shock jocks thought it was about Kevin Rudd they raved about it. After the first John Howard reference they dropped it like a hot potato and started accusing the ABC of left wing bias.

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