Returning: Suits

Season 6 of Suits resumes with its second half on Universal in late January.

This will be fast-tracked same day as the USA.

When we last left off in season 6, Jessica (Gina Torres) had dropped a bombshell — she’s leaving the firm. That shocking revelation leaves many questions unanswered. Can the firm survive without Jessica’s leadership? Will Louis (Rick Hoffman) finally marry the love of his life? Will Mike (Patrick J. Adams) thrive as Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) consultant? All will be revealed when Suits returns on January 26.

Thursday, January 26 at 8.30pm on Universal.


    • Does 7 still have the rights to Suits? I thought went it moved to the universal channel seven no longer had the rights. This article says the universal channel is the new home of suits.

      Chicago Fire is one of very few US shows that have second run rights on free to air and I would think its more an exception rather than norm. Unfortunately it sucks when shows get dumped from free to air to Foxtel/Fetch/Streaming for later seasons. Other examples are arrow, the last ship. Its why I’m reluctant to pick up new free to air dramas.

      If you really want to watch suits my suggestions would be Netflix which has up to mid season 5 available or try your local library and see if they have the dvd you can borrow. Up to season 5 is available on dvd.

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