Sam Johnson: Love Your Sister comes before awards

Sam Johnson puts perspective on campaigns, after a push to land him a Logie nomination.


That most unconventional of actors (and that’s a good thing!) Sam Johnson, has questioned the merits of a campaign to land him a Logie nomination for Molly, when he is focussed on raising funds and awareness for Love Your Sister, while his sister Connie, is battling cancer.

It comes after his sisters ‘tricked’ him into going offline for the weekend, to secretly post a call-out for votes.

But Johnson posted on Facebook that their energy shouldn’t have been sent to the TV awards over a bigger cause.

“A whopping 12,498 villagers have reached for their wallets in the last two weeks (volume that we’ve never come close to before) to help Connie’s Big Heart Project – her world record attempt to assemble the longest line of coins in the shape of a big love heart, this coming Valentines Day. We needed 75kms worth of five cent coins to break the record and already, we have over 134.75kms collected! In real dollars, that’s $347,424.25! People all around the country are donating a metre or twenty for their cancery loved ones (three people have purchased a kilometre!) and this record looks set to stand for a very long time. As it ought, because our funkytown village is full of fucking legends who understand the problem,” he wrote.

“So, right in the middle of the hectickest, most successful period Love Your Sister has EVER experienced my two bonehead sisters decided to shift ALL of that momentum towards TV Week. So that we can win a shiny trophy. Are you starting to see it from my perspective yet?

“I can hear you now. ‘But a Logie will inspire more actions!’. Well yes, if you win. If we don’t win, it’s a hell of a lot of wasted actions. That’s my point. That’s why I didn’t yell and scream about getting your vote in the first place. Of course I want a Logie. Desperately, if I’m honest. It would open so many more doors for us. But the numbers don’t add up. We’re up against PR machines, ya know?”

Johnson, who previously said he would give up most acting gigs until he had reached his $10M target, settled for both: a vote and a donation at www.loveyoursister.ecwid.com

Of course, Carrie Bickmore’s Gold win gave plenty of publicity to her Beanies for Cancer cause. Not to be sniffed at.

You can read more here.

Via: News Corp

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