SBS On Demand: Public Enemy, Black Widows.


More international dramas will screen on SBS On Demand later this month: Belgian Drama Public Enemy and Scandinavian drama Black Widows.

Both are available from Thursday December 15.

Public Enemy
From Belgium comes the captivating crime thriller Public Enemy, a story about a child murderer’s release back into society after serving 20 years in jail.

Guy Beranger (Angelo Bison), who was convicted of child murder, has just been released on probation to a monastery in a small village in the Belgian Ardennes. The people living there comprise of regular citizens and a group of monks, and with the help of his probation officer Chloe Muller (Stéphanie Blanchoud), Guy tries to adjust to outside life.

However things are not that simple – when a string of child murders occur in the town, the people in the community start to suspect on Guy. Chloe, who lost her own sister when she was young, is determined to get to the bottom of the murders and begins an investigation to find out the truth.

Black Widows

Black Widows is the sensational new cross-country Scandinavian crime drama production coming exclusively to SBS On Demand.

Best friends Rebeka (Cecilia Forss), Johanne (Synnøve Macody Lund) and Kira (Beate Bille) are enjoying a weekend at a summer cottage in Norway with their husbands. One day, the men board their fishing boat and leave the wives behind on shore – as the boat sails into the distance, it explodes without warning. Back on the pier, the three widows raise their champagne flutes in victory.

However, the ‘accident’ soon becomes a Swedish/Norwegian murder investigation and it turns out that their husbands were running a questionable transportation company in Sweden, and the former criminal employee Rami (Peter Andersson) is the prime suspect.

Seemingly in the clear, the three women enjoy their freedom. But it’s not that simple – each woman now has to rebuild their lives and fend off nosy investigators, which puts them in danger – especially when more faces from their husbands’ pasts come to find them.

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