Seven confirms Bride and Prejudice for 2017

Controversial series challenges perceptions on race, religion, age and sexuality, as family members object to weddings.

Seven has now confirmed the rumour that it has been shooting a local series of Bride & Prejudice.

The controversial series challenges perceptions on race, religion, age and sexuality as family members object to the wedding plans of their children.

At the network’s recent Upfronts, CEO Tim Worner kept the show’s title under wraps, fearing the title would give away too much to those who were being filmed. A promo even acknowledges its was “filmed under a veil of secrecy.”

Versions of the show have already screened in the US and UK.

It will air in 2017. You have been warned.

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  1. The parents of the gay guy need slapping! How can she say it feels like her son is dead to her just because he is gay? My son died aged 35 nearly 3 years ago and it broke my heart! Don’t be so homophobic you stupid stupid people and make the most of your kids while you have them who cares who they love as long as they are happy!

  2. Whilst I don’t go for any of the “First Dates” and “Married at First Sight” garbage I could perhaps relate to this if it is what I suspect. E.g. Well off Australian marries young Filipina 20 years his junior whilst Australian parent, some family and some friends make snide comments to each other and treat new wife badly. Thirty years later having produced a Lawyer+Journalist and a BForBiol those family member who scoffed and ridiculed, behind one’s back of course, are now finally accepting – we think. But we no longer care. Our genuine friends and accepting relatives are still there.

  3. Stick a low-cost observational crew in the face of a bunch of people whom normally wouldn’t interact and then think of a title later on in the editing suite.

    No thanks – I’ll get some proper writers to write a script and then some actors and watch something interesting such as UnReal instead thanks very much.

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