TEN begins guessing game on next celebrities headed to the jungle

A US sitcom star, a hot model, a world famous pop diva, an AFL legend and a shock jock are all headed to the jungle.


“A US sitcom star, one of Australia’s hottest models, a world famous pop diva, an AFL legend and a famous shock jock” are amongst the first hints for the third season of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

TEN always gets good coverage for its guessing games as media begin trying to unravel who is and isn’t in the mix. Usually they get some, but not all, of it right.

Mind you, we do have to be cautious about the descriptions too. The first season promised us “Television Royalty” who had appeared on 4 different shows.

Turned out to be Andrew Daddo.

Just sayin’!

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  1. I’m thinking Tara Moss might be in the mix, also Kerry Anne Kennerly as she’s been seen on channel 10 lately. They might try and get a Wrong Girl cast member in there to get interest so Craig Mclachlan. Throwing some other names around I think they may have asked. Andrew Johns, Dane Swan, Dr Karl or Susan, Denise Drysdale, Gretel Killeen, Dave Hughes. I really hope the shock jock is not Kyle Sandilands, I’m so sick of him being in every show, he’ll just complain about migraines all the time.

  2. Heard just the other day on KIIS Kyle said he said they asked him but he said no would be awesome to see him in there I like Kyle! As for the show am a fan love the show ok they might exaggerate on celebrities and stuff but who cares its all good fun! Hope Julia tones it down just a bit next year lol

  3. Of course it wouldn’t happen in a million years but would love to see Mariah Carey in there.
    (Of course, representing the “world famous pop diva”, in the true sense of the word.)
    Can you just imagine it – high maintenance is an understatement!!
    Would be priceless.
    Regarding the shock jock, it could well be Kyle as this is just the sort of thing he would do.

      1. I think they would best avoid Aus Survivor castaways, to avoid comparisons between the shows. Additionally, Survivor is the harder show and hence most of the contestants would find Celeb cushy by comparison.

    1. My bets are own Ricki-Lee – she’s in the studio making at the music and will be looking for a platform to return to the spotlight. They can justify the “world famous” because her track was featured in Sex & The City and she was signed in the UK for a while.

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