Axed: The X Factor

Exclusive: "We are very hard markers on ourselves," Seven exec says, confirming the end for singing contest.

EXCLUSIVE: No surprises from Seven today, confirming that The X Factor is not returning in 2017.

The confirmation follows a disappointing 2016 season, despite a positive reaction to winner, Moama teenager Isaiah Firebrace.

Judge Guy Sebastian, perhaps somewhat late to the party, said that speculation about its demise was probably correct.

Seven Head of Programming Angus Ross was pragmatic, telling TV Tonight X Factor is not coming back.

“Obviously the back half of the year wasn’t as successful as the front half of the year for us. We walk away with Secret Daughter as a win from the back half, but there was a bit of disappointment with some of the other shows.

“But we are very hard markers on ourselves, versus others. Some numbers that may get a pass mark on other networks don’t get a pass mark with us. So we have a number of slots to fill and over the next couple of months we’ll be announcing a lot more.

That leaves Nine’s The Voice as the only singing juggernaut left standing this year.

Without X Factor and Dancing with the Stars -also not returning- Seven has already announced Hell’s Kitchen Australia with Marco Pierre White, but Ross would only confirm new Australian programming would fill its slate.

“Watch this space.”

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  1. I am upset the show is not returning as I really loved it – But did not like Iggy Azalea at all she was a waste of space and did not add anything intelligent to the show loved the rest of the team though hope it’s picked up by another station maybe even Foxtel

  2. I really liked the first few seasons of this show. And it produced some bona fide stars like Dami Im. But that last season was terrible. On the whole, it leaves a good legacy

  3. Dancing with the Stars was axed because of a very poor decision to make Shane Bourne the host. Why, oh why? The show went from classy to cheesy and even cringe-worthy. It could well make a comeback with a likeable, credible host.

    1. It got axed because you have to switch to the Cyrillic alphabet to have enough letters to describe what grade “celebrity” was on the last couple of shows. Even Seven concedes that these were not stars by any stretch of the imagination.

  4. I’m still curious (and a little concerned) at what Seven has for the second half of 2017, apart from The Secret Daughter, Hells Kitchen and other Aussie dramas/factuals/docos.

    Especially when Nine and Ten have big realities then (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and The Block, also the back-end of MasterChef this year).

  5. Also, can 7 get off their high horse with their “we are hard markers” mentality. The numbers which X-Factor was pulling was well below the standards of the other networks in addition to their own. Just call X-Factor 2016 what is actually was, a flop.

  6. I suspect it may have something to do with the talent. Judging by the mainly female audience I know watch this show their was no vicarious gratification gained from last seasons selections. Basically, the shows erstwhile supporters want to see fame on the horizon but only received another sample of today’s look at me generation.

  7. Wouldn’t be surprised if The Voice went away as well within the next few years. Reality talent shows are the past. It’s all about relationships now.

  8. Whilst I’m somewhat sad about this when I look back on previous series, but then I remember the series from 2016 which was so rushed with quadruple eliminations it wasn’t able to get us properly invested in the contestants.

    So it’s probably a good thing that they don’t being it back if they were wanting to give us another terrible rushed format.

  9. What a shame MPW is moving over to Ch 7 – now I know why he wasn’t appeared in Masterchef 2017 promotions. Ill miss him, but sorry Marco, I wont be flicking to 7

    1. I agree with you Craig; i’m also enjoying u.k version. Even Simon Cowell is proving watchable. Lots of great singers and the requisite sob stories and fascinating journeys that the auditionees have taken.

  10. Not really surprising, it had been flagging for some time. I still think it is the best concept and best produced of the singing contests, though. Another network may buy the rights for it, perhaps? Surprised DWTS is still being rested.

  11. no no no. i loved the x factor. yes it did have a bad season last year but channel 7 need to fix it rather than just axe the show. get rid of guy (as much as i love him) and find some real aussie superstars like (jess mauboy) to judge the show. look at masterchef who had a bad year of ratings, channel 10 stuck with it and it’s now a high rating show again. also with biggest looser. ch 10 have stuck with it. come on ch 7 and reverse decision. bring it back and make it a great show again.

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