Gallery: TV stars celebrate 10 Years of TV Tonight

Julia Morris

Stars from ABC, Seven, Nine, TEN, SBS & Foxtel have taken to iPads, iPhones, video walls and even cupcakes to celebrate 10 years of TV Tonight!

Thanks to everyone for getting in the spirit of this milestone with birthday “selfies.”

Take note of these faces folks, they support your friendly neighbourhood blog.

Look for more birthday posts today and beyond ….and feel free to use the #TVT10 hashtag!

Cheers, David!

Nadine Garner & Craig McLachlan

Samantha Armytage

Sandra Sully

Tom Williams & Sarah Cumming

Leigh Sales

Claudia Karvan

Pete Smith

Josh Thomas & Hannah Gadsby

Charlie Pickering

Peter Hitchener

Michael Rowland & Virginia Trioli

Angela Cox & Larry Emdur

Tommy Little

Dr. Chris Brown

Shaynna Blaze

Marc Fennell

Joel Creasey

Adam Zwar

Chrissie Swan

Livinia Nixon

Issa “Supernerd” Schultz

Ryan Phelan

Peter Maddison

Jeremy Fernandez

Scott Tweedie

Rebecca Maddern

Ricardo Goncalves

Tom Gleeson

Mark Beretta

Debra Lawrance

Adam Liaw

Jaynie Seal

Mal Walden

Andy Trieu

Peter Berner

Bruce Campbell

..and if there is any more talent who would like to be included just hit me up via my Contact page, I may run another next week.

Tomorrow: Industry celebrates 10 Years of TV Tonight (Execs, producers & more!)


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    Excellent work, both this and the entire blog which you update every single day (and night).

    You left the best one to last. Surprised no-one from The Project is listed.

  2. Fantastic work David. A lot of time and effort must’ve gone into pulling that off. Shows how highly and how widely the respect and affection for the blog continues to be. Well done.

  3. Wow that’s a lot of iPads you handed out – in all seriousness though, congratulations you’re one of the first sites I visit every day 🙂 well done David! Great achievement

  4. Maev....Sydney

    Oh I love it….really….sitting here with a big smile on my face…
    Awesome David Knox…you deserve it all….at lot of hard work went into getting here.

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