Happy 2017!

Here we go again with another year of TV.

And a very happy January 1st to you (how is your head?).

Here we go again with another year of TV in all its glory. New shows, new industry moves, new disruption -media is a constantly changing landscape.

This year marks an important anniversary for TV Tonight.

Let’s just say, this Thursday you will not want to miss some very special site celebrations. A subscriber newsletter will also be going out.

So today I’ll just keep things brief with my annual list of interviews from the last 12 months:

Aaron Fa’aoso
Alex Papps
Andrew Anastasios
Andrew Backwell
Andy Ryan
Angus Ross
Anh Do
Ben Dixon
Ben Ward
Beverley McGarvey
Brendan Dahill
Brent Williams
Brett Climo
Brian Walsh
Bruce Campbell
Camilla Ah Kin
Caroline Jones
Celia Ireland
Celia Pacquola
Colette Mann
Dan Wyllie
Dannii Minogue
Darren McMullen
Daryl Somers
Debra Lawrance
Dermott Brereton
Ernie Dingo
Francis Greenslade
Frankie J. Holden
Glenn Robbins
Hal McElroy
Hamish Turner
Hugh Sheridan
Hunter Page-Lochard
Ian “Dicko” Dickson
Imogen Banks
Jackie Woodburne
James Williams
Jane Turner
Jason Herbison
Javier Grillo Marxauch
Jennifer Hawkins
Jenny Brockie
Jeremy Fernandez
Joe Hildebrand
John Howard
John Jarratt
Jonathan LaPaglia
Julia Morris
Julia Zemiro
Julian Morrow
Kate Jenkinson
Kate McCartney
Kate McLennan
Keegan Joyce
Linda Cropper
Lucy Fry
Luke McGregor
Maggie Beer
Mal Walden
Mandy McElhinney
Marta Dusseldorp
Martin Clunes
Matt Shirvington
Matt Wilson
Matthew Le Nevez
Michael Ebeid
Nakkiah Lui
Peter Andrews
Phyllis Logan
Pino Amenta
Ricardo Goncalves
Richard Davies
Richard Finlayson
Robbie Magasiva
Rod & Mandy McCracken
Rodger Corser
Ronny Chieng
Sam Heughan
Saul Shtein
Shane Dunlop
Shaun Micallef
Shaynna Blaze
Steven “Bajo” O’Donnell
Tom Gleeson
Tony Ayres
Tony Jones
Trudy McGowan

Ok it wasn’t that brief….

Hope your 2017 is brilliant!

Cheers, David.

ps. yes, 2016 Award results also coming soon….

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    1. In no particular order: it was great to chat with Glenn Robbins, Jane Turner, Sam Heughan, Maggie Beer but they were all phoners. Folk like Jackie Woodburne, Craig McLachlan & Caroline Jones are always a pleasure. Darren McMullen is always frank with great quotes. Hugh Sheridan went out of his way to make me feel welcome on set. It’s the one that stands out for me because no actor had ever welcomed me into the ensemble space while they rehearsed.

  1. I don’t know how many shows I would’ve missed this year if it wasn’t for this blog. Happy New Year to you David and the whole TVT family. No doubt you will keep setting the standard for everyone else to follow.

  2. Happy New Year, David (and my fellow TVT devotees). Thanks for yet another terrific year. Can’t wait for the announcement on Thursday – I’m sure it will be something well worth celebrating.

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