Oops. Media leaks I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here stars


Fairfax appears to have published an article on the cast for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here too early.

A story headlined “I’m A Celebrity Australia 2017 line-up revealed” went live early this morning, and was sent out via its RSS feed.

The accompanying photo appeared to show ex-Roseanne actor Tom Arnold sitting in the African jungle.

That would make him the “US sitcom star (who) is not only a world famous television actor but also a stand-up comedian who has appeared in over 60 films.”

Arnold has also accidentally tweeted the following: “When we were bailing hay back in Iowa we used to complain about it being “Africa Hot”. Turns out we were pussies” and an Instagram post declaring, “I know there will come a day when my little boy doesn’t want to be with his dad 24/7 but until then I’m enjoying every moment.”

Thankfully for TEN the article was immediately removed before too many eyeballs saw the other all-important names on the list.

There is talk the Sunday Herald Sun has also published Casey Donovan, Dane Swan and Tegan Martin.

Fairfax journo Ebony Bowden and News Corp’s Jonathan Moran are both in Africa as guests of TEN.

Late yesterday TEN confirmed Lisa Curry as the “three-time Olympian (who) has had success in sport, business and on television” joining the cast. Curry also appeared on Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice some years ago.

Today it confirmed Steve Price as the shock jock set to provoke opinions, despite his repeated denials he was appearing.

The show launches tonight at 7pm, with most of the remaining cast revealed, and a likely big star to pop out of a crate tomorrow, Shane-Warne style.


    • I think what is being suggested by a few is that it’s very difficult when you are being asked to “accidentally” click “publish”. As in, if you click publish, you can take this flight & get certain perks. I know; people are cynical… But it’s how business works sometimes.

  1. Once again it’s a TEN show that has been leaked. Just like with other programs like The Bachelor. You don’t see the print media accidentally on purpose leaking info on other network shows.

  2. Interestingly, TEN’s promo for the show has been running on Foxtel. I was watching the Arena channel last night and it was packaged in their ads. I’ve never seen a free to air network run promos on Foxtel before.

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