Oops. Neighbours credits a typo

It was the first day back on air this year for Neighbours on Monday but new 2017 credits contained three boo-boos, misspelling cast names.

Colette Mann was billed as “Collette Mann”, Zoe Cramond was billed as “Zoe Crammond” and Ryan Moloney, who has nearly 22 years with the show, inadvertently became “Ryan Maloney.”

Fans quickly spotted the errors and took to social media.

FremantleMedia was quick to correct the errors.

“Unfortunately the opening titles of Neighbours which aired on Monday, January 9, 2017 contained some spelling mistakes,” a spokesman said to news.com.au.

“It was human error and we sincerely apologise. This has since been rectified.”

Or as the UK FremantleMedia blamed on the Aussies…. “one too many sherries over Christmas!”


  1. I don’t care about the spelling errors, the whole opening credits are bad. Why the green screen? The whole look and feel of it is fake, couldn’t they redo the opening on location like the previous one.

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