Renewed: The Man in the High Castle

US drama The Man in the High Castle has been renewed for a third season less than a month after the second season debut on Amazon Prime Video.

Based on Philip K. Dick’s alternate history novel, it has been renewed for ten more episodes.

Amazon has also appointed Bosch executive producer Eric Overmyer as showrunner after Frank Spotnitz, exited as showrunner following creative differences mid-way through season two.

“As timely as ever, the exploration of characters at a dark point for humanity has provided incredible stories for two seasons,” said Joe Lewis, Head of Comedy and Drama for Amazon Studios. “Eric and his team are doing an incredible job crafting stories about the inner lives of those who struggle to do good in a world that is not. We couldn’t be more excited to bring season three to customers in 2017.”

Source: TV Wise


  1. I really enjoyed series 1, one of my favourite shows, but it seems series 2 is still not available in Australia, there’s no sign of it on the Amazon Prime Video site. I thought when we finally got access to Amazon Prime Video we’d not face delays getting whatever shows we did get, but it seems I was too optimistic. Sigh. (I don’t understand why, do Foxtel have it first or something?)

  2. This show is so boring, nowhere near as good as 11/12/63 or whatever that James Franco show was, I tuned out after two episodes. Might cancel my Prime membership

    Mozart in the jungle is not a bad series

  3. Considering The Man in the High Castle was Frank Spotnitz’s inspiration to bring to our TV’s I’m curious to know what this creative difference may be. Amazon may be shrewd or stupid depending on your point of view in the way they handled this show, a larger audience is being left in the lurch by not offering wider release or even a DVD (as far as I know). However, without Spotnitz at the helm the story of this show will likely meander into familiar sci-fi stereotypes and a suitable ending .

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