Returning: Midsomer Murders

The show that refuses to lay down and die, Midsomer Murders, returns for its 19th season next week on ABC.

Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby returns to the wealthy, isolated English county of Midsomer next Sunday night.

This new series introduces DS Jamie Winter as DCI Barnaby’s new sidekick, and will feature upcoming storylines including a deserted village full of secrets, an extreme Neighbourhood Watch, a cricket festival and a rabbit and guinea pig show.

In episode 1… the ghost village of Little Auburn has been abandoned since the war. When a young man is found murdered during its grand reopening, DCI Barnaby must unravel a sinister web of lies from past and present to catch the killer.

8:30pm Sunday February 5 on ABC.

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  1. jezza the first original one

    The murder rate per head of population in Midsomer is amongst the highest in the world. Worse than Chicago in 2016. Joyce Barnaby is allegedly one of the worst serial killers of all time, she was always sniffing around every case when Tom was DCI…..mmmm

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