Returning: Twin Peaks

Stan has announced the premiere date for its Twin Peaks revival by David Lynch.

The 18-hour series will debut with a two-hour premiere, followed by the third and fourth hours, on Monday, May 22 in Australia.

This will be followed by one-hour episodes in subsequent weeks, fast-tracked to Australia.


  1. This show is a curiosity. In my opinion Twin Peaks is just a quirky 80’s European art film concept, it will take dedication to watch because of it’s innate esoteric erotic content courtesy of David Lynch who is the Stanley Kubrick of the small screen, lastly, it’s budget which I have not read much about though I assume it cost a lot. This show could be an expensive gamble for all those concerned as it doesn’t seem to follow current American viewing trends and it’s not really an X Files.

    • @ Tony Bee, there was only 1 film, Fire Walk With Me. Which came out after the series ended. Not all of the cast from the series appeared in the film, notable absences included lara flynn boyle and michael oatkean.

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